Best Social Media Management Tools: 50 Amazing Tools to Manage Every Facet of Your Social Media Presence

Managing social media campaigns is complex, especially when you’re juggling multiple social networks, target audiences, and products and services.

Fortunately, there are many social media management tools with streamlined features and automated workflows that not only save you time, but also boost your effectiveness on social. Whether you’re looking for a platform-specific tool, an all-in-one social media management powerhouse, a tool to manage social media contests, or one with powerful analytics, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you’ll find 50 social media management tools we think you’ll love.

To make your life easier, they’re listed by category (in other words, they’re not ranked or rated in order of importance or value). Check out some of our favorite social media management tools:

All-in-one social media management tools

1. AgoraPulse


A social media management tool for teams and agencies, AgoraPulse simplifies social media management across multiple platforms. Suitable for small teams, large teams, and agencies, AgoraPulse combines collaboration with powerful social media management tools to streamline your social marketing campaigns.

Key Features: 

  • Reply to all conversations from the same place
  • Monitor social conversations
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Post content on your schedule
  • Collaborate with team members

Cost: $39 – $239/month

2. Buffer


More than six million customers around the world trust Buffer for scheduling their social media posts across multiple networks, and for good reason: you can schedule your posts at the best possible times, analyze your results, and collaborate with your team, all in the same place.

Key Features: 

  • Schedule your posts in advance
  • Set your posting schedule
  • Automatically shares posts added to your queue according to your schedule
  • Browser extensions for easy content curation
  • Team collaboration tools on business plans


  • Starter plans: free to $15/month
  • Business plans: $99 – $399/month

3. Crowdfire


A single platform for discovering and scheduling content, as well as managing all your social media profiles, Crowdfire makes social media management simple.

Key Features: 

  • Discover relevant content based on your interests
  • Pre-schedule your social media content
  • Automatically customize posts for all your social profiles
  • Optimize your Twitter profile

Cost: Free – $33.32/month

4. eClincher


eClincher is a complete social media management solution that combines publishing, monitoring, engagement, suggested content, analytics and reporting, and even influencers to power your social media marketing initiatives.

Key Features:

  • Social media inbox
  • Publishing and scheduling
  • Auto-post with queues
  • Social feeds and favorite feeds
  • Tracking, analysis, and optimization

Cost: $49 – $199/month

5. Everypost


Curate visual content from a multitude of sources, customize and schedule your social media posts, and more with Everypost’s all-in-one publishing solution.

Key Features: 

  • Curate relevant multimedia content
  • Customize content for each social media platform
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Roles and permissions
  • Create groups of social networks for easy team management

Cost: Free – $99.99/month

@FalconIO is a social media management platform for every kind of marketer. From listening and engagement to measurement and analytics, is a one-stop shop for medium to enterprise-sized companies.

Key Features:

  • Single calendar to manage all your content
  • One inbox for all your interactions
  • See all audience data in one place
  • Monitor social media for insights
  • Track performance across channels

Cost: Contact for a quote

7. Friends+Me


Friends+Me lets you schedule content and share it across multiple platforms. Plus, you can completely customize your drafts and even save them for later, so you can ensure that you’re putting only the best content out there into the social media sphere.

Key Features: 

  • Browser extensions to save interesting content for later
  • Cross-promote your posts across networks
  • Collaborate with your team
  • One-click bulk scheduling
  • Link shortening
  • Track your results

Cost: Free – $215.84/month

8. Hootsuite


Hootsuite has earned a reputation for its comprehensive social media management tools, including everything from monitoring to curation, analytics, and more.

Key Features: 

  • Schedule your social media posts
  • Content curation
  • Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Flexible assignment and approval workflows
  • More than 250 integrations

Cost: Free – $599/month +

9. MavSocial


A simple and affordable social media management tool, MavSocial brings together curation, scheduling, and management in one.

Key Features: 

  • Content curation
  • Schedule and manage your content
  • Image editing tools
  • Boost your reach with paid advertising
  • Manage interactions with message streams
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Team management

Cost: Free – $499/month

10. NUVI


A complete social media marketing suite, what really sets NUVI apart from the competition is its stunning data visualizations. Monitoring your social media results has never been so aesthetically pleasing.

Key Features: 

  • Monitor hashtags, keywords, URLs, and more
  • Real-time monitoring, engagement, and mobile alerts
  • Analyze trending topics, influencers, and virality
  • Search, filter, and target by geography
  • NUVI Smart Sentiment and competitive analysis
  • Centralized reporting with automated reports
  • Content editor
  • Automated scheduling
  • Post archive

Cost: Contact for a quote

11. Oktopost


A social media management platform for B2B marketers, Oktopost lets you manage, monitor, and measure all your social media activities across channels.

Key Features: 

  • Social employee advocacy
  • Publish content, engage your audience, and track results
  • Manage interactive campaigns to boost engagement
  • Social listening
  • Intuitive analytics

Cost: Contact for a quote

12. Sendible


Built for agencies, Sendible provides a seamless way to manage social media campaigns for multiple clients.

Key Features: 

  • All-in-one dashboard
  • Social inbox to manage conversations
  • Schedule content individually or in bulk
  • Content recommendation engine
  • Generate social media reports in minutes
  • Task assignment and approval workflows
  • Prospecting tools to generate social media leads
  • Social listening

Cost: $29 – $299/month

13. Social Pilot

Social Pilot

A simple and cost-effective tool for teams and agencies, Social Pilot is used by more than 85,000 professionals to manage social media campaigns, improve social media engagement, and analyze results.

Key Features: 

  • No limit on social media accounts
  • Powerful analytics
  • 1-click white label reports
  • Team collaboration
  • Manage clients
  • Content curation
  • Bulk upload & scheduling

Cost: $8.33 – $83.33/month

14. SocialHub


SocialHub is the central hub of social media management for teams. Engage customers smarter, faster, and more efficiently when you leverage SocialHub’s solution to increase your impact.

Key Features: 

  • Smart Inbox
  • Track brand mentions, hashtags, and searches
  • Collaborative calendar to plan your social strategy
  • Suite of social analytics tools
  • Collaborative workflows
  • Advanced security features

Cost: Contact for a quote

15. SocialOomph


With hundreds of thousands of satisfied users, SocialOomph has solidified its place as one of the most reliable social media management tools. Easily schedule updates and monitor activity across multiple social media platforms with SocialOomph.

Key Features: 

  • Save and reuse drafts
  • Schedule posts
  • Track keywords
  • View mentions and retweets
  • Create social updates from RSS feed entries
  • Schedule and publish blog posts and pages

Cost: Free – $17.97/bi-weekly

16. Khoros

Centralize your team and collaborate on your social media efforts in one place with Spredfast. From conversations to intelligence and security, Spredfast covers all your needs.

Key Features: 

  • Manage social interactions at scale
  • Create and share content across multiple social platforms
  • Collaborate with and manage your teams
  • Real-time and historical social search
  • Actionable insights just a click away
  • Presentation-ready reports
  • Content scheduling and audience targeting

Cost: Contact for a quote

17. Sprinklr


Social media management for more than 26 global social networks is at your fingertips with Sprinklr, a social publishing and engagement tool that makes it possible for your brand to work at the scale of social.

Key Features: 

  • Draft, approve, schedule, and auto-tag content across networks
  • Launch accurately targeted campaigns
  • Route and prioritize incoming messages to the right team members
  • Bulk actions and automation
  • Manage assets, link shorteners, versioning, and more
  • Establish and automatically enforce compliance guidelines

Cost: Contact for a quote

18. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Another widely recognized name in social media management, Sprout Social offers powerful social media management tools to simplify the otherwise complex and overwhelming social landscape.

Key Features: 

  • Rich social data and analytics
  • Unified inbox for monitoring and engagement
  • Plan, create, manage, and deliver content
  • Uncover trends and actionable insights from social data
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Automated tools to manage social more efficiently

Cost: Contact for a quote

19. Statusbrew


With Statusbrew, you can publish to all your social media accounts as well as manage your community and monitor your brand. More than 16 million brands and individual users trust Statusbrew to manage their complex social media tasks.

Key Features: 

  • Faster, easier social media publishing across all networks
  • Automation and lead discovery
  • Track conversations
  • Readily engage with your community
  • Real-time monitoring

Cost: $25 – $125/month +

20. Zoho Social

Zoho Social

Designed with businesses and agencies in mind, Zoho Social offers all the tools you need for effective social media management. Plus, if you’re already using Zoho’s other products, seamless integration is a guarantee.

Key Features: 

  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • Manage multiple social media channels
  • Monitor keywords
  • Team collaboration
  • Measurement and reporting

Cost: $8.33 – $125/month

Distribution, automation, and curation tools

21. Curata


One of the most widely recognized content curation tools, Curata makes it easy to discover, curate, and share relevant content from around the web.

Key Features: 

  • Self-learning engine helps you discover the best content
  • Organize and contextualize with just a few clicks
  • Publish and promote content anytime, from anywhere
  • Feed a variety of marketing channels, not just social

Cost: Contact for a quote


Put your social media posting on autopilot with, an automated social media management tool.

Key Features: 

  • Recycle your social media posts
  • Autopost from RSS to your social media accounts
  • Bulk social media scheduler
  • WordPress social media scheduler
  • Category manager
  • Content search and import from your favorite sources

Cost: Free – $24.88/month

23. DrumUp


A social media and content marketing app, DrumUp makes it easy to curate content from your industry and easily customize and share posts across your social networks.

Key Features: 

  • Real-time web content mining
  • Algorithm recommends fresh stories relevant to your audience
  • Smart workflow for reviewing, creating, and publishing social posts
  • Monitor multiple accounts in the same place
  • Add, follow, and curate content from your favorite feeds
  • Hashtag recommendations and repeat schedules
  • Analytics

Cost: Free



With IFTTT (If This, Then That), you can take your social media management game to the next level by creating custom workflows that automate otherwise time-consuming processes, such as saving an archive of your social media posts or automatically sharing your Twitter posts to Facebook.

Key Features: 

  • Connect social media and other apps
  • Create custom workflows
  • Choose from pre-configured applets

Cost: Free

25. Likeable Hub

Likeable Hub

Likeable Hub gives you access to thousands of engaging content ideas you can share with your audience across your social media networks, plus tools to generate leads, analyze performance, and more.

Key Features: 

  • Thousands of post ideas
  • Scheduling and automatic posting
  • TurboPost™ ad tech to amplify your reach
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Repeat tweets and LinkedIn posts
  • Industry-specific and custom-branded content

Cost: $299 – $599/month +

26. MeetEdgar


MeetEdgar takes the time-suck out of social media while also helping you get more traction out of every social media post with its smart content library, scheduling, and automated post recycling tools.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited content library
  • Smart content composer
  • Color-coded categories
  • Shorten and track links
  • Bulk uploading and editing
  • Auto-expiring content

Cost: $49/month

27. Quuu


Quuu helps you grow and manage multiple social media accounts from one place, offering content suggestions combined with scheduling and discovery tools so you can spend less time on social without sacrificing results.

Key Features: 

  • Hand-curated content suggestions
  • Schedule suggested posts as well as your own
  • Recycle evergreen content
  • Open library of hand-curated content across 500+ topics

Cost: $15 – $99/month

28. RecurPost


Continue leveraging your social media posts by recycling them with RecurPost, which saves you time while increasing your engagement every week.

Key Features: 

  • Automatically shares updates at perfectly timed intervals
  • Categorize your content into libraries
  • Set your own custom schedule
  • Up-to-the-minute performance tracking

Cost: Free – $50/month

29. ShareThis


Humble-brag time: ShareThis offers social media follow buttons and social media share buttons to help you grow your followers and expand your reach by making it easy for your readers to follow your social profiles and share your content. That’s not all; ShareThis also offers tools for GDPR compliancesocial A/B testingemail list building, and more.

Key Features: 

  • Lightweight, quick, and streamlined
  • Highly customizable
  • Share and follow buttons for all the popular social media channels
  • Fully optimized for mobile
  • 9 different languages
  • Seamless WordPress integration with powerful plugins
  • Reaction buttons
  • Viral notifications

Cost: Free

30. The Tweeted Times

The Tweeted Times

If you want to be a thought leader, The Tweeted Times can help you do just that with its sophisticated content curation engine to help you discover great content and engage your audience.

Key Features: 

  • Content curation engine
  • Create a visually appealing online newspaper
  • Engage your audience with relevant, trustworthy content
  • Choose topics of interest and never miss important industry news

Cost: $0 – $15/month, per paper

31. Triberr


Designed to help bloggers, small businesses, and influencers boost their reach, Triberr taps into the power of community to amplify your voice across the social media sphere.

Key Features: 

  • Get your content shared or recommended by 100s of bloggers
  • Boost posts by sharing directly with fellow tribemates or across other tribes
  • Promote posts
  • Build a network of like-minded professionals
  • Measure the reach and popularity of your posts
  • Custom posting schedules to automatically share content across networks
  • Curate content

Cost: Free – $50/month

32. Zapier


Zapier makes automation easy for busy people (that means you). Connect your most-used apps and create custom workflows to let Zapier take care of your tedious social media tasks, such as documenting your tweets or incoming mentions, sharing data with a third-party analytics app, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Link apps with just a few clicks so they can share data
  • Create workflows (Zaps) to pass info between apps
  • Build processes to save time with no coding

Cost: Free – $20 and up/month

Content planning tools with social media capabilities

33. CoSchedule


Get a single calendar – a single version of truth – for all your blogging and social media marketing activities to get everyone on your team on the same page and your blog and social completely in sync.

Key Features: 

  • Integrations to eliminate switching between tools
  • Central team communication and collaboration
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Unified content calendar
  • Social publishing
  • Reusable templates
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Project timelines

Cost: $60 – $1,200/month

34. FlypChart


With FlypChart, you can plan, approve, and publish all of your marketing content from one place. A central marketing calendar and streamlined workflow ensures visibility and accountability.

Key Features: 

  • Editorial calendar shows drafts, approved, and scheduled content
  • View content for multiple channels simultaneously
  • Integrate with other tools to post directly to marketing channels like social media
  • Categorize content by campaign, type, or user
  • Manage workflows and deadlines
  • Collaborate with clients and team members

Cost: $30 – $120/month, per calendar

35. HubSpot


Fuel growth and build relationships with HubSpot’s comprehensive suite of marketing tools, which help you manage everything from lead generation to customer support and beyond.

Key Features: 

  • Content management system
  • Email scheduling, automation, and tracking
  • Knowledge base
  • Customer feedback
  • Build campaigns and publish to social networks in the same place
  • Monitor social mentions and build connections
  • Analyze performance, including # of leads generated via social media

Cost: Contact for a quote

Platform-specific tools

36. Followerwonk


A comprehensive Twitter analytics platform, Followerwonk is a leading tool for exploring and growing your social graph.

Key Features: 

  • Gain deeper insights into your followers
  • Find and connect with influencers
  • Create actionable data visualizations
  • Match your activities to gains and losses

Cost: Free – $79/month

37. Iconosquare


Iconosquare’s industry-leading analytics and tools will help you grow your presence on Instagram and Facebook.

Key Features: 

  • Track and moderate comments
  • Measure and benchmark performance
  • Measure impressions and reach
  • Real-time visual analysis
  • Draft, preview, and schedule content
  • Automatically publish photos on Instagram with direct publishing
  • Free Instant Instagram Audit

Cost: $29 – $59/month +

38. Tailwind


With a focus on visual marketing, Tailwind caters to your marketing needs on Instagram and Pinterest with tons of time-saving and reach-amplifying features.

Key Features: 

  • Bulk image upload
  • Drag-and-drop calendar
  • Automatic schedule optimization to boost engagement
  • Analytics and insights
  • Hashtag Finder suggests the best hashtags
  • Hashtag lists and other shortcuts

Cost: Sign up for a free trial to get started

39. PostPlanner


Get more clicks, engagement, and sales from Facebook and Twitter with PostPlanner’s tools for finding, planning, and posting great content.

Key Features: 

  • Add relevant industry social feeds
  • PostPlanner shows the most recent content with engagement ratings
  • You pick the content you want to share
  • Customize your posting schedule
  • Automatically optimizes post format
  • Recycle your evergreen content
  • Organize social feeds into collections

Cost: $3 – $15/month

40. TweetDeck


If you’re looking to up your Twitter game, TweetDeck is one of the best-known and most advanced management tools for Twitter.

Key Features: 

  • Create a custom Twitter experience
  • Build and organize collections
  • Manage lists
  • Track topics, events, and hashtags
  • Manage multiple accounts from one platform

Cost: Free

41. Tweepi


Another Twitter-focused social media tool, Tweepi leverages AI to help you grow your Twitter brand.

Key Features: 

  • Setup hashtags and users relevant to your interests
  • Tweepi finds the best content and users to engage
  • Unfollow undesirable users
  • Follow the most relevant users
  • AI-driven tweet, like, and reply
  • Monitor competitors and users
  • Target users by location or language
  • Sort and filter
  • Follow/unfollow history

Cost: $10.75 – $20.75/month

Tools for measuring, reporting, contests, and monetization

42. Bitly


While most people know Bitly as a URL shortener, some don’t know the full range of Bitly’s possibilities. The world’s leading link management platform, Bitly is a go-to tool for branding, tracking, and optimizing every touchpoint on social media and beyond.

Key Features: 

  • Create custom branded links for cross-channel consistency
  • Track individual link analytics
  • Measure campaign performance across teams and channels
  • Real-time analytics
  • Create mobile deep links with Mobile Optimizer
  • Segment account activity by department, channel, brand, and more

Cost: Free for basic users; contact for an Enterprise quote

43. Rafflecopter


Rafflecopter makes it easy to run giveaways – for any brand, on any website, and as often as you want, with zero IT expertise required.

Key Features: 

  • No coding required
  • Install Rafflecopter in seconds
  • Unlimited giveaways
  • 1-click random winners
  • Unlimited entries
  • Entrant data support
  • Embeddable entry forms

Cost: $13 – $84/month

44. Raven Tools

Raven Tools

An SEO and marketing reporting suite, Raven Tools also includes valuable social media tools including the ability to post, manage, and report on clients’ social media efforts, giving you a bird’s-eye view into the real impact social is having on overall marketing efforts.

Key Features: 

  • Automated social marketing reports
  • Create custom social reports
  • Reportable, accurate, and up-to-date metrics

Cost: $99 – $399/month

45. ShortStack


From contests to giveaways, landing pages, quizzes, and more, ShortStack helps you take social media engagement to the next level with interactive experiences.

Key Features: 

  • Run contests on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Landing page contests
  • Embedded contests
  • Hashtag contests
  • Cultivate user-generated content
  • Send emails to entrants with marketing automation
  • Popup displays
  • Performance analytics

Cost: $29 – $499/month

46. SocialFlow


SocialFlow is a data-driven distribution tool for social publishers with smart publishing algorithms to help publishers and media companies get better results with less effort.

Key Features: 

  • Content discovery for sponsored editorial campaigns
  • Track performance across channels, audiences, and demographics
  • Smart algorithms distribute the right content at the right time
  • Continuously-updated content scoring to immediately distribute fast-trending stories
  • Visual alerts for high-performing posts

Cost: Contact for a quote

47. Strutta


Run contests, sweepstakes, and promotions across your social media networks with Strutta to grow and engage your audience.

Key Features: 

  • Refer-a-friend sharing incentives
  • Random draw, instant win and UGC contests
  • Facebook, Instagram, and microsite contests
  • Customizable entry forms
  • Age and geographic restrictions
  • Image, video, text, and audio contest formats

Cost: $250/promotion launch (additional costs may apply for additional participants, time, or domains)

48. Votigo


Votigo makes managing contests and sweepstakes a breeze on social media, mobile, and the web. Offer promotions, collect user-generated content, and more to boost engagement and grow your audience.

Key Features: 

  • Contests and sweepstakes
  • UGC galleries
  • Quizzes, polls, and coupons
  • Landing pages and forms

Cost: Contact for a quote

49. Wishpond


Build complete marketing funnels with Wishpond to generate leads and customers online. From landing pages and online forms to contests and promotions, email marketing, and even a database to manage your leads, Wishpond can help you grow your business.

Key Features: 

  • Intuitive landing page builder
  • Referral suite to boost contest engagement
  • Photo contests
  • Instagram hashtag contests
  • Photo caption contests
  • Video contests
  • Voting contests
  • 300+ integrations for seamless campaign management

Cost: $49 – $199/month

50. Woobox

WooboxWoobox makes it easy (and fun) to create engaging contests, giveaways, and other marketing campaigns to woo your audience.

Key Features: 

  • Run campaigns on social, mobile, and web
  • Install a campaign as an app for your Facebook page
  • Website popups
  • Landing page builder
  • Ready-made campaigns you can customize
  • Complete customization and branding control
  • Data exporting
  • Powerful analytics

Cost: $30 – $500/month +

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