Intro Guide to the ShareThis Platform

Welcome to our ShareThis Platform! In this post we’ll go through the awesome details of what ShareThis can provide for your website. The goal for our platform is quite simple – provide publishers with a suite of FREE tools to help grow its traffic.

The Platform

Once you’ve signed up on the ShareThis Platform you’re able to access all our tools with just one login. Even better, it saves all previous customization options and it’s a dashboard that you can go back to on a daily basis. We plan on releasing a lot more tools within our Platform so be sure to check back often!

Apps Directory

SOP Apps Directory

Here you can set up and customize our Sharing Buttons, and you will have a view of all of our tools and features that can help grow your website’s traffic. It is our main goal to improve on these tools and make sure they are absolutely perfect based on publisher feedback, so please reach out to share any feedback or ideas!

Partner Apps

SOP Partner apps

Here you will see our available Partner Apps. Easily install your Social Feed, Popups, or forms on your site, all within the ShareThis Platform!

Social Analytics


Our Social Analytics Dashboard will help you keep an eye on your total social activity, shares, and social referrals. We encourage you to check our How to Get Started on Social Analytics guide and FAQs and we’re here to help if you have any other questions!


From here you will be able to manage your account, including:

  • Update the email/password in your account.
  • Add admins or members
  • Manage your domains
  • Delete your account
SOP Settings

In short, we hope you enjoy our Platform and look forward to bringing our publishers even more tools to play with. Happy sharing!