Intro Guide to the ShareThis Platform

Welcome to our ShareThis Platform! In this post we’ll go through the awesome details of what ShareThis can provide for your website. The goal for our platform is quite simple – provide publishers with a suite of FREE tools to help grow its traffic.

The Platform

Once you sign up for our platform you’re able to access all our tools with just one login. Even better, it saves all previous customization options and it’s a dashboard that you can go back to on a daily basis. We plan on releasing a lot more tools within our Platform so be sure to check back often!

Share Buttons

The best part of the platform is you’re able to fully customize your share buttons. We offer multiple ways to configure your share buttons to make sure they look absolutely unique!

Image 2020-07-17 at 11.27.39 AM.png

Within the Share Buttons tab you’re also able to choose between Sticky Share Buttons or Inline Share Buttons.

Content Services

Image 2020-07-17 at 11.19.58 AM.png

In this section of the platform you’re able to test and monitor your content’s optimization by using our Social A/B tool. Here you’re able to test alternative headlines and compare the amount of potential traffic it can receive vs other headline variations!

Apps Directory

Image 2020-07-17 at 11.11.40 AM.png

Last and certainly not least, we have the Apps Directory section within our platform that aims to introduce new features that can help grow your website’s traffic. While most products released in this section will be in beta, it is our main goal to improve on these tools and make sure they are absolutely perfect based on publisher feedback.

Currently in the Apps Directory section, we have the option to include Reaction Buttons onto your website to further engage with your audience!

Image 2020-07-17 at 11.16.41 AM.png

In short, we hope you enjoy our Platform and look forward to bringing our publisher’s even more tools to play with. Happy sharing!