How to Get Started on Social Analytics

The best part about installing social analytics is that there’s no additional code that needs to be added – once you have our share buttons on your web page and your audience are sharing, you’ll be able to see the results within the dashboard. All you have to do now is activate Social Analytics and within 24 hours you’ll be able to monitor your very own social data.

social analytics dashboard

How to get to the Social Analytics Dashboard

1. To get to the Social Analytics Dashboard you will first need to login into your ShareThis Platform account.
You can login via this link:

2. Once you’re logged in, on the left hand side click on “Social Analytics”.

3. Once you’re in “Social Analytics” you should see a banner that says “Activate Social Analytics”, click on this and we’ll get started on our end in pulling your data!

4. Wait up to 24 hours and once the data is ready you will receive an email confirming that your social data is now accessible!

5. Enjoy!