Registering A Platform Account

By May 3, 2017

We have a new social optimization platform which enables our users to take advantage of even more features within your account. Feel free to register for a brand new ShareThis Social Optimization Platform account by going to this link:

If you’re hesitant and want to know more about the changes we’ve made, we totally understand!
Here’s a quick FAQ that we’ve put together that should ease those concerns!

Q: If I re-register do we need to setup everything again?
The legacy buttons will continue to work until you remove the code from your page. However, we recommend migrating over to our latest buttons because moving forward we will be focusing our efforts in improving our platform. We have a blog post on our platform’s new features and improvements made here.

Q: Will I lose my share counts?
A: Nope! All share counts are tied to your URL, as long as you do not change your URL there won’t be any changes needed.

Q: What about our old account? Does that account have any information that we’d need?
The old legacy account did not provide any additional information that can help with your current setup. Share analytics was deprecated in 2015 and we had since migrated to having our users integrate Google Analytics to pull sharing data.

Q: I’m trying to reset my password for our legacy account, why won’t you let me?
A: We no longer use the legacy accounts as a sign in feature for any of our products, which means it’s no longer an account you need to keep track of as a publisher.

Q: The new platform is awesome! But do we have to pay now?
A: Nope! All our products are STILL 100% free to use.

Q: Great I’m ready to migrate, how can I do that?
A: Awesome! We have a detailed migration post that can help you switch over to our latest buttons!