How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

Have you seen Instagram posts with pinned comments at the top of the comment area? Pinned comments is a feature that Instagram rolled out a couple of years ago to help creators showcase specific comments to their audiences. Pinned comments are easy to spot because they display ahead of any other comments on an Instagram post, making them the first comments that an audience sees when they view a post’s comments.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

Reading a pinned comment on Instagram

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The process to pin a comment on Instagram is the same in the iOS and Android apps. To do it:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Navigate to the post you’d like to pin a comment on.
  3. Scroll to the comment you want to pin.
  4. Swipe left on the comment until you see the pin icon appear. 
  5. Tap the pin icon to pin the comment to the post. 
  6. Repeat the process with up to three comments per post.

When you want to unpin a comment, swipe left on the comment and tap the pin icon. You can then replace that comment with a new pinned comment.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram Live

You can also pin comments on Instagram Live. While you’re streaming on Live, scroll to the comment you’d like to pin. Tap that comment. Then, tap ‘Pin Comment.’ This comment will now appear at the top of the comments section when people view your Live. This is a good spot to let people know what your Live is about or send them to a link with more information. 

How to Pin a Comment on an Instagram Reel

Similar to a post on Instagram, you can pin a comment to an Instagram Reel. Navigate to the Reel, find the comment to pin, and tap the comment to find the ‘Pin comment’ option. If you also uploaded the Reel as an Instagram post on your profile, you can use the same method as pinning a comment with an Instagram post. 

What Comments to Pin on Instagram

The best comments to pin on Instagram are ones that build a sense of community on your Instagram profile. They might be comments where customers provide a testimonial or they could be questions from your followers that you answer in your own comments. Some creators also pin motivating or positive responses to their posts or get conversations among their followers growing.

In other words, you can pin whatever comments you find the most relevant to your community to increase engagement or encourage your followers to interact with you and each other in meaningful ways. 

Instagram Comment Pins FAQs

Commenting on Instagram

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Learn more about pinning comments on Instagram with these FAQs. 

What are the benefits of pinning comments on Instagram?

Pinning a comment on an Instagram post, Reel, or Live places that comment at the top of the comment section, allowing visitors in the comment area to see that comment first. This area is prime real estate on Instagram for marketing purposes, like directing your audience to a product page or highlighting testimonial comments from your audience. 

How many comments can I pin on Instagram?

Instagram allows up to three pinned comments on regular posts and Reels. However, only one pinned comment is allowed on Instagram Live. To add additional comments to posts, Reels, or Lives, you’ll need to unpin a currently pinned comment and replace it with a different one. 

Why can’t I pin my comment on Instagram?

If you’re having trouble pinning a comment on Instagram, it could be because you’ve already reached the maximum number of pinned comments for that post (three for posts and Reels or one for Lives). You also can’t pin your own comments on an Instagram post, so be sure to look for comments from other users to pin. 

Can you pin your own comment on your own Instagram post?

No, you can’t pin your own comments on your Instagram posts. Instead, use the pinned comments feature to highlight comments from other Instagram users that could assist your promotional efforts or encourage conversation. 

Will someone know if I pin their comment on Instagram?

Yes. When you pin a comment on Instagram, the platform sends a notification to the user who posted the pinned comment to let them know you’ve pinned it.

Now that you know how to pin a comment on Instagram, try it out for yourself. When your audience begins seeing their comments pinned on your posts, they might feel even more encouraged to continue commenting on your posts. In turn, increased engagement helps boost your visibility on Instagram and grow your audience.  

Remember to add the Instagram follow button to your website for easy promotion of your Instagram account. 

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