What Is Brand Awareness? 6 Tips and Best Practices to Build a Solid Brand

Building a brand is so much more than finding the perfect name and brand colors. Your brand is what people grow to love about your business. It’s the way it makes them feel, the trust they’ve built, and the reason they continue to come back to you for your products or services. Without a brand, you’re simply just a seller. To transform into more, you’ll need to focus on achieving brand awareness.

What Is Brand Awareness?

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Brand awareness is a phrase you’ll hear marketers use frequently. Basically, it refers to the factors that cause people to recognize your brand. Usually, it’s a mix of your brand voice, its products or services, and its design. Marketing tactics, social media presence, and photography can also play a role.

You see and hear this term a lot, so it’s probably important, right? Absolutely! If customers can instantly recognize that an advertisement or a product photo belongs to your brand, that means that you’ve made some kind of impact on them. They remember you, and that’s something all brands strive to achieve.

Creating a buzzing brand around your business makes it more than just a business. A business is something people buy from; a brand creates relationships and trust. 

How to Build Brand Awareness Successfully

Building awareness of your brand is necessary from the get-go. Like most great things, it takes time! The following expert tips can move you into recognizable brand territory.

1. Decide on Your Voice (Before You Ever Start Selling)

Brands can be witty, heartwarming, a little edgy, or cutesy. Your brand voice will help you draw an audience that resonates with your brand, so it’s necessary to have a solid idea of how you want it to be before focusing on anything else. The tone you set can lead to getting the perfect logo, colors, marketing, and product messaging for your brand.

To decide on your brand voice, think about the kind of people who are going to cling to your products and messaging. Your voice should resonate with them in a way that makes them feel 100% connected to your company.

2. Focus on Social Media Relationships

Chipotle's TikTok profile

Screenshot via TikTok from @chipotle

Social media is one of the best forms of modern marketing you can use for your business. It’s more than marketing; it’s a place to build relationships with customers. You can use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to get personal with your brand, take people behind the scenes, and communicate directly with your fan base.

Think about a few brands that are killing it on social media. Chipotle has soared on TikTok, posting fun content that keeps it relevant with younger generations. And then there’s Wendy’s, which is known for its cheeky posts and responses on Twitter. These brands were already household names before their social media debuts, but they’re keeping themselves relevant by getting their names out on popular platforms.

3. Make Shareable Content

The more shareable content you have, the more you can make a name for your brand across the web. With each major blog post, you should also have an infographic, video, and/or social media posts to go with it. These content types are ultra-shareable, and people will share them if they think their audience will love them as much as they did.

Beyond crafting share-worthy content, you should make it easy for your website visitors to spread the word by installing social media share buttons on your blog or website. With a simple click, visitors can share your most compelling content across their favorite social media platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to WhatsApp, Pinterest, WeChat, and more.

4. Get Into Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a popular form of advertising over the past decade. Influencers know how to share what they love about a brand in a realistic way. Rather than say, “Buy this product because I love it,” they say, “This is how this product fits into my personal or business life every day.” And that’s what most people making a buying decision want to hear.

If you decide to build brand awareness with influencer marketing, be sure to set clear guidelines for the influencer to follow. You want them to use their own words and share their honest opinions, of course. But give the influencer a sense of your brand and tone by offering some key talking points and important brand messaging to your influencer brief.

5. Consider Growing Your Brand Off the Internet, Too

Our current world is very digital media-focused, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work on making your brand recognizable outside of the web. Depending on your brand, products, or services, you might consider advertising on billboards, radio, or podcasts. Or, attend industry conferences and events that allow you to get your name out to fellow brands and network with like-minded people.

6. Keep Setting Yourself Apart

Brand awareness is all about making your brand easily recognizable. Find ways that you can continue to make your brand unique whenever possible. This might be by finding a cause or two to support, ramping up your presence on a new-ish social media platform, or sponsoring events that your potential customers hang out at. 

In other words, once you develop your overall brand vibe, don’t stop there. Like a person, a brand should continue to grow, develop, and change with the times. Continue to reevaluate your brand to keep it relevant to what customers need and want from you as they change, too.

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