Best Facebook cover photos: 7 amazing Facebook cover photos & 7 great cover photo templates/tools

Creating the perfect Facebook cover may seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of templates you can leverage to simplify the design process. And, it’s always helpful to browse some of the most spectacular cover photos created by other brands for inspiration.

Unlike Twitter headers, which are partially obscured by the profile photo in the lower left-hand corner, you can use every single pixel on your Facebook cover photo without having to worry about important elements getting hidden by your profile pic. There are a multitude of ways you can take advantage of this prominent page real estate to get an important message across to your visitors, appeal to emotions, and more.

When you’re leveraging tools like Facebook follow buttons to grow your social media following, or the Facebook share button to help with easily sharing your content, you need to make a great first impression with an attention-grabbing, aesthetically pleasing cover photo. We’ve rounded up a few impressive Facebook cover photo examples, plus some useful templates you can build on.

7 amazing Facebook cover photo examples

Kiwi Co: Show off your products

KiwiCo Facebook cover photo

Kiwi Co introduces STEM to kids between the ages of 0 and 16+. Their Facebook cover photo showcases some of the company’s products, carefully arranged to leave enough free space in the center to prominently display their logo – plus a few of the most popular brands they carry. Make it fun is a one-stop shop for all things pets, and they’ve used their Facebook cover photo to show off just a few of ways shopping with can help you create the ultimate luxury lifestyle for your dogs. From comfy dog cots to your pup’s own swimming pool, they’ve managed to demonstrate several must-have products in one fun and adorable cover photo.

Mashable: Go high-tech

Mashable Facebook cover photo

Mashable’s Facebook cover photo isn’t a photo at all – it’s a looping video. Few things are more eye-catching than a photo in motion, right? In this case, the digital rendering of a head shape spins, while the other flecks of light and visual background effects ebb and flow – giving the 3D effect even more attention-grabbing power. Given Mashable’s focus on reporting on digital innovation, this impressive Facebook cover does the website justice.

Old Spice: Evoke emotion and intrigue

Old Spice Facebook cover photo

If you’re a graphic design aficionado, Old Spice’s Facebook cover photo is sure to wow. Muscle, strength, nature, and danger are all interwoven into this intriguing imagery – a perfect fit for the Old Spice brand image.

Livestrong: Be purposeful


Livestrong fights to improve the lives of people with cancer, and their Facebook cover photo is perfectly in line with that mission. Featuring black and white photos of people who have been affected by cancer, the primary message is, “You are not alone,” with a URL to a page on Livestrong’s website that’s packed with valuable resources. If you’re looking for an example of a powerful and purpose-driven cover photo, this is it.

Biteable: Add animation 

Biteable offers the quickest way to make a stunning video cover for Facebook. Start fast with a professionally designed template or choose from 1.8 million images and clips. 

Squarespace: Incorporate a CTA


Your Facebook cover photo provides prominent real estate you can use for a variety of purposes – including a call-to-action (CTA). That’s the approach that Squarespace takes with this cover photo, featuring an impressive website that shows visitors what’s possible with Squarespace, plus a CTA encouraging visitors to, “Make your own website.”

Nutella: Appeal to the senses


When it comes to appealing images, food companies seem to have it made. Not only does Nutella appeal to the senses with this mouth-watering photo, but they’re also taking advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of the tasty hazelnut spread. Move over, peanut butter.

Great Facebook cover photo templates & design tools

Ready to make the perfect Facebook cover photo, but not sure where to start?

Facebook cover photo templates provide you with the basics, so all you need to do is add your magic touch with impressive imagery – whether you’re using a real-life photo or a graphic design, you can use a template to simplify the process. Here are a few Facebook cover photo templates and design tools worth checking out.

  • Louise Myers Visual Social Media – This template has the perfect dimensions for both desktop and mobile, and you can opt for the standard size or an extra-large cover photo template.
  • Canva – A popular graphic design tool for the non-designer, Canva offers several Facebook cover photo templates as well as some helpful design tips for those who are less graphically-inclined. Choose from a multitude of layouts to find the perfect fit, add your images and other elements, and you’re set.
  • HubSpot – When it comes to marketing finesse, HubSpot always has your back. This download includes templates for cover photos for several popular social media networks: Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and of course Facebook.
  • Buffer – Buffer offers some helpful tips for getting your cover photo just right, as well as templates to help you hit the ground running with a Facebook cover photo that looks fantastic on both desktop and mobile.
  • Fotor – Looking for a design template that suits a specific need? Fotor’s Cover Photo Maker has tons of templates in a variety of categories, spanning everything from Father’s Day to seasonal, travel, food, lifestyle, quotes, and more.
  • Poster My Wall – What about those cover videos? Not to worry – Poster My Wall is an easy-to-use tool to create your very own Facebook cover video, complete with templates.
  • – Choose from millions of professional video clips or upload your own to make a Facebook cover video in mere minutes.
  • Design Wizard – A graphic design tool which allows you to personalize an image or video in seconds, including a magic resize button, which allows you to change the size of an image while you are creating a design. It also features integrations with Hubspot, Marketo, Buffer and Intercom.

While the possibilities for Facebook cover photos are practically endless, the most important consideration is your audience. If you’re leveraging Facebook Audience Insights, you already have some important information about your Facebook follower list, what makes them tick, and the types of content they engage with most. So cater to their preferences and design a cover photo that’s just as in tune with your audience as it is with your brand.

Lastly, if you’re looking for more Facebook marketing tips, check out one of our guides like our walk through of how to pin a post on Facebook.

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