How to Install Share Buttons for Jumpseller

By July 17, 2018

Jumpseller is an ecommerce platform that is changing the way sites are being built. The Jumpseller team takes care of all the complex stuff so you can focus on growing your business! By adding share buttons onto Jumpseller, you’re increasing the likelihood of your products being found online which ultimately means more sales!

Step 1: Design your share buttons.

Head to the ShareThis design platform. Choose the social channels you want to feature and customize your buttons.

Step 2: Select HTML as the platform

jumpseller share buttons

Step 3: Click “Register & get the code.”

If you haven’t registered yet, sign up for free in seconds.

Step 4: Copy code under “Install sharethis.js on your website.”

Keep this page open, as you’ll come back for the code under the second section. Copy the first part of the code and head into your JumpSeller account.

Step 5: Now within JumpSeller, go to Themes → Code Editor and click on Layout.

Step 6: Now paste the code you copied from ShareThis into the Code Editor of the theme you wish to modify.


Step 7: Once the ShareThis header script is added, go back to the “Copy Code” page and copy the second portion of the code.

Step 8: Add your Inline Buttons object anywhere you want them to be displayed (just in case you want Inline Buttons to be displayed) through the Code Editor.