How to Install ShareThis’ Tools using Google Tag Manager

  1. Log in or Sign up to the ShareThis Platform.
  2. Select the ShareThis tool you would like to use and activate it by clicking the Enable tool button.
  3. Then, customize the buttons by selecting your social channels, size, shape, as well as extras such as the minimum number of shares you wish to have before showing counts.
  4. Select the Activate code button in the top right corner. In the pop-up, click the Copy code button.
  5. If you haven’t placed your Google Tag Manager codes in your Website, log into Google Tag Manager and select your Account, on your dashboard go to the Admin Section, then on the right select Install Google Tag Manager.
  6. Place the Google Tag Manager codes on your site.
  7. Log into Google Tag Manager and from the same account create a new Custom HTML tag. Paste the <script> code on the text area shown there. Select All Pages (or the pages where you want to instal ShareThis tools) under Triggering. Then enter a name.
  8. Click on Save > Submit. Fill in the requested information and click on Publish.


Since Google Tag Manager inserts the ShareThis script code in the <body> of the site, instead of the <head>, some functionalities of the ShareThis tools may be limited, including the verification of your site on the ShareThis Platform.

If you would like to install ShareThis tools manually on an HTML site, please check our support guide How to Install ShareThis’ Tools on an HTML Website