How to Install ShareThis’ Privacy Policy Generator

The privacy policy generator is a ShareThis product that helps publishers protect their business and comply with data regulations. A privacy policy is an important legal document that explains how your website collects, handles, and processes personal data.

You can learn more about ShareThis Website tools, here.

Why should you use ShareThis’ Privacy Policy Generator?

  • Customizable: We help you build a comprehensive Privacy Policy that is tailored to the needs of your business.
  • Downloadable: You can easily save and host your customized privacy policy on your website.
  • Third-Party Apps: Helps you comply with third-party services such as AdSense and Google Analytics.
  • Dynamic Updates: It automatically updates your policy whenever you change preferences in the Platform.

How can I Install ShareThis Privacy Policy Generator?

In order for the Privacy Policy Generator to work on your HTML website, please follow the steps below to add your unique ShareThis code to the <head> section of your website: 

  1. Log in or Sign up to the ShareThis Platform.
  2. Select the Activate code button in the top right corner. In the pop-up, click the Copy code button.
  3. Log in to your HTML website and Paste the unique ShareThis code that you copied into the <head>section of your website.
  4. In the ShareThis Platform, select Privacy Policy Generator in the Apps Directory and activate it by clicking the Enable tool button. 
  5. Then, you’ll be prompted to enter information about your website, including the name of your company, the date when you want the privacy policy to begin, what type of information you collect about users, whether your company shares information with third parties (such as ShareThis, if you use ShareThis buttons on your website), and more.
  6. Once you’ve finished entering the information, click on finish.
  7. To install the Privacy Policy on your website you have two options:

Using a script and placement code

Using this method, modifications made to your Privacy Policy on the Platform will be reflected automatically, meaning the content will be dynamic.

  1. Click on Install now to get your personalized header code and copy it to the <head> of your website.
  2. Then, copy the placement code below and paste it wherever you want the ShareThis tool to appear.

<div class="sharethis-privacy-policy"></div>

Using a preformatted HTML code

This method inserts the complete Privacy Policy as a static preformatted HTML code.

  1. Click on the Copy code button and paste the code wherever you want the ShareThis tool to appear.