The 50 Best Travel Blogs & What You Can Learn From Them

Travel blogs have become a very popular and lucrative niche over the last several years. Even with the challenges of COVID-19 and a dramatic drop in overall travel, the opportunities for the next several years are incredible. Statistics show that over 80% of travel planning is done online these days, and more than half of travel bloggers operate more than a single site. This highlights not only the demand but also the need to diversify your offerings as a blogger.

Given the current travel restrictions around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now’s the time for travel bloggers to focus on marketing their blogs and growing their audience. There are lots of ways to promote your travel blog, too, from effective content marketing strategies to social media marketing, paid social media ads, and more.

It’s not just about growing traffic to your travel blog, but monetizing it, too. After all, you need a way to fund all those globe-trotting adventures. Renting out your pad while you’re on a travel journey? Install an Airbnb follow button on your travel blog so visitors can save your Airbnb experience, listing, or other pages. Travel bloggers who offer guided tours of their cities or other experiences for travelers can install the TripAdvisor follow button, which enables blog visitors to save your TripAdvisor listing or experience.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the 50 best travel blogs that can inspire your own work. Creating a content and business strategy for a blog can be tough, and it is always helpful to learn from other leaders and influencers in the space. You’ll find a diverse mix of sub-niches in the list, including sites that focus on travel photography, retirement travel, and solo female travel. The travel blogs featured below aren’t ranked or rated in any particular way but are listed alphabetically.

1. Adventurous Kate 


Adventurous Kate

Kate McCulley has traveled to 83 countries so far and her blog, Adventurous Kate, is a great resource for anyone looking to travel and turn their passion into a full-time business. Her target audience is independent women and she covers topics like travel resources, destinations, and travel safety. To help connect with her audience, Kate also publishes a monthly recap where she talks about highlights and key learnings from each period of travel.

What you can learn from Adventurous Kate:

  • Why you need to target your blog for a very specific audience
  • How to balance informative posts and personal posts to keep your content interesting
  • Ideas for taking great pictures while traveling that are interesting and authentic

2. Against the Compass


Against the Compass

Against the Compass, from Joan Torres, focuses on off-the-beaten-path destinations that may be overlooked by other sources. Joan is from Spain, and he has a great “start here” page that explains his motivations and goals for his travel blog. He strives to provide unique content that can’t be found anywhere else, including detailed guides for many destinations in the Middle East.

What you can learn from Against the Compass:

  • How focusing on specific countries can help differentiate you from other travelers
  • Why travel insurance is a very popular topic today
  • Setting up a travel blog to support multiple languages

3. Along Dusty Roads


Along Dusty Roads

Along Dusty Roads was created by Andrew and Emily, a British couple who have been traveling extensively for the last six years after leaving their local jobs. As with many of the travel blogs in this post, the blog owners have many first-hand stories to share. This website is a reminder of how important it is to develop some of your own unique experiences that will be relevant for the audience you are looking to grow.

What you can learn from Along Dusty Roads:

  • How to incorporate dramatic landscape photos into your landing pages and posts
  • The importance of selecting a particular color palette for your branding
  • A great way to integrate your Instagram feed into your website

4. Anywhere We Roam


Anywhere We Roam

Mark and Paul operate the Anywhere We Roam blog and have been sharing a lot of great content over the last several years. This blog features a lot of stunning landscape photos and does a nice job of highlighting excellent nature and wildlife destinations. One particularly helpful resource on their site is a ‘Book’ tab where you can view tips and instructions for how to set up everything you need for a trip, including insurance and activities.

What you can learn from Anywhere We Roam:

  • How a defined mission statement can strengthen your blog
  • The importance of highlighting any travel awards or mentions from authoritative sites
  • Useful ways to diversify your social media presence on multiple platforms

5. Atlas & Boots


Atlas & Boots

Atlas and Boots was founded by novelist Kia Abdullah and photographer Peter Watson. This outdoor travel blog is the perfect resource for real adventures to immersive natural locations. They not only cater to outdoor adventure seekers but also have resources for finding remote work and balancing life and work while traveling.

What you can learn from Atlas & Boots:

  • Why a simple website theme can really make your photos noticeable
  • How to develop guides for hikes and treks that cater to outdoor travelers
  • Excellent ways to incorporate travel books and movies

6. Backpacker Banter


Backpacker Banter

Chris Stevens runs Backpacker Banter as a resource for budget travel tips and guides. He has been traveling since 2009 as a surfer, photographer, and blogger and has a lot of fascinating guides covering destinations like South Africa and Thailand. The ocean is obviously a primary theme of his blog, and you can really see how his branding and photography highlight the best part of life near the water.

What you can learn from Backpacker Banter:

  • How to balance multiple brands and websites as a blogger
  • Ways to offer exclusive discounts to your readers
  • How to develop a travel niche around your desired lifestyle

7. Barbaralicious



The site Barbaralicious has accumulated over 100,000 followers, and Barbara Riedel regularly adds new content to her travel blog. A native of Germany, Barbara has optimized her site for both German and English language audiences, and the blog features self-published books and additional services. This travel website is a nice example of how to combine professional offerings with a travel blog.

What you can learn from Barbaralicious:

  • How to format and release self-published books
  • Ideas for diversifying income sources through services, products, and publications
  • Using your personal story to make your brand authentic

8. Be My Travel Muse


Be My Travel Muse

Kristin launched Be My Travel Muse as a blog dedicated to helping others plan their dream trips. She actively promotes her brand on social media channels, including Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. On her travel blog you will find a lot of excellent resources for solo female travel, such as destination guides and shopping tips.

What you can learn from Be My Travel Muse:

  • How to create an immersive travel map on your blog
  • Ideas for how to build a compelling landing page
  • Excellent examples of YouTube video content

9. Bound For Nowhere

Bound For Nowhere

Husband and wife team Owen and Mak have been traveling non-stop for over 1,600 days and fully embrace the van life. They have a well-organized travel blog that includes details of their journey, van build, and recommended gear. This site is a useful resource for travelers who seek to live and work in a fully remote environment while visiting destinations around the world.

What you can learn from Bound For Nowhere:

  • How to create simple and cohesive branding for your blog
  • Effective ways to offer products and accept donations
  • Where to find affiliate opportunities in addition to Amazon

10. BucketListly



Pete Rojwongsuriya is a full-time travel blogger who has visited over 65 countries and written over 200 articles. His goal for the BucketListly blog is to help other travelers plan their trips in a way that is simplified and less stressful. The main way he achieves this is by sharing personal stories, including his candid experiences and failures that can help others learn from his mistakes.

What you can learn from Bucketlistly:

  • How to offer Lightroom presets as a way to increase newsletter signups
  • Why you should focus on the travel locations you are most familiar with
  • New ideas for creating a modern and immersive travel blog theme

11. Cheapest Destinations


Cheap Destinations

Tim Leffel is a travel writer and author who is best known for his book, The World’s Cheapest Destinations, which shares the name with his travel blog. His work has been featured in multiple publications, and he has been interviewed by many other popular travel bloggers. The blog contains some informative posts that explain the cost of living in various countries and how to find great deals when planning your itineraries.

What you can learn from Cheapest Destinations:

  • Ways to promote travel books through your blog
  • How a simple blog design can be used to capture a large audience
  • The importance of linking to your other websites and offerings

12. Expert Vagabond 


Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond features photography tips, travel advice, and guides for how to maximize your travel budget. Matt Karsten started the blog over 10 years ago and has been featured on some impressive websites including National Geographic. He is also active on social media and does a great job of focusing his travel blog around his core topics of photography, backpacking, and nomadic life.

What you can learn from Expert Vagabond:

  • What a professional theme and branding looks like
  • How to feature your most popular articles and posts
  • Great ideas for integrating social media feeds into your landing page

13. Follow The Boat


Follow the Boat

Follow the Boat is the blog of British citizens Jamie and Liz who have been traveling in their boat since 2006. They strive to make their content very personal and realistic without sensationalizing the experience of traveling full-time. You’ll also see that they’ve integrated a web store into their travel blog to offer visitors various products.

What you can learn from Follow The Boat:

  • How to blend photography and travel writing in your posts
  • The importance of being authentic and candid with your audience
  • Ways to promote and sell products through your travel blog

14. Girl Eat World

Girl Eat World

Melissa Hie, from Singapore, is the blogger who runs Girl Eat World, and she documents her travels through the various foods she eats along the way. She focuses her social media efforts on Instagram and Facebook, where she does a nice job of cross promoting her work. Her travel blog is not her full-time job, and you can follow along with her personal and professional journey through the annual reviews that she shares.

What you can learn from Girl Eat World:

  • How an FAQ can help orient new site visitors
  • Where to place a travel map to share destinations
  • Why a simple website theme can help improve your content

15. Girl Gone Travel


Girl Gone Travel

Carol Cain is the CEO of a communications and branding agency, and her blog, Girl Gone Travel, documents her experiences traveling with a large family. This is a great example of a travel blog that allows someone to highlight their passions and their professional work. The website has a simple design and allows Carol to focus on her content and promote her offerings.

What you can learn from Girl Gone Travel:

  • Where to place testimonials on your site for maximum effect
  • How to structure a page that offers collaboration opportunities
  • Why you should integrate Instagram into your landing page

16. Global Help Swap


Global Help

The travel blog at Global Help Swap includes travel snapshots and information about important environmental events throughout the world. Bloggers Karen and Paul embrace the idea of responsible travel and share tips with their followers to help them create their own memorable journeys. As the name implies, the site also has a listing for global volunteer opportunities for travelers.

What you can learn from Global Help Swap:

  • How to create a service-oriented travel blog that has a defined purpose
  • Formatting ideas for travel guides
  • Which social media platforms are effective for promoting a travel blog

17. Goats on the Road


Goats on the Road

The 30-something couple Nick and Dariece have been working and living on the road for over 10 years so far. Their blog, Goats on the Road, has been featured in dozens of major websites such as Forbes and Travel Pulse. They started this website in 2012 and since then have expanded their staff to include an active group of content contributors.

What you can learn from Goats on the Road:

  • How to find additional contributors to create value-added content
  • Where to find remote jobs and careers to promote on your travel blog
  • Ways to define and leverage a unique website name

18. Gotta Keep Movin

Gotta Keep Movin

Emma Higgins created Gotta Keep Movin in 2010 and has been traveling full-time since 2011. One of the unique aspects of her website is the inclusion of annual printed guides that document a year living in a particular destination. This strategy allows Emma to use her skills as a freelance travel writer to develop additional revenue streams through her platform.

What you can learn from Gotta Keep Movin:

  • How to market and sell printed materials on your site
  • Why podcasting is a great medium for the travel blogger
  • Where to find other travelers and writers who can contribute content

19. Hand Luggage Only 


Hand Luggage Only

Two college roommates, Yaya and Lloyd, came up with the idea for Hand Luggage Only while studying together at the University of Cambridge in England. Since 2014, their travel blog has been a resource for travel insights, photography guides, and food reviews. They’ve amassed a large following and do a nice job of developing engaging content.

What you can learn from Hand Luggage Only:

  • How to take vivid and interesting travel photos
  • The importance of including relevant category links on your main page
  • How to organize a searchable archive for older content

20. I Am Aileen


I Am Aileen

Aileen Adilid promotes the idea of solo female travel through her blog, I Am Aileen. Her site features destination guides that span all seven continents, and there are also detailed posts showing visitors how to create a successful blog and become a digital nomad. This a a well-designed and professional looking site that covers a large number of different travel topics.

What you can learn from I Am Aileen:

  • How to combine lifestyle and travel themes into a single blog
  • Designing an online shop for physical and informational products
  • How an online newsletter can help build your following

21. Legal Nomads 


Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads started as a personal blog and has since grown into a complete travel website that covers topic such as writing and gluten free travel. Jodi Ettenberg maintains the blog and offers readers some amazing stories about resilience and how to balance work and life priorities. Jodi shares details and really strives to give readers a complete picture of the challenges that one can face.

What you can learn from Legal Nomads:

  • Where to find resources when traveling gluten-free
  • Useful ways to integrate an online shop
  • How to pivot your website to meet your personal and professional needs

22. Life Part 2


Life Part 2

Life Part 2 is among a growing number of travel blogs that cater to the needs of baby boomers. Jonathan and Sarah are retired and travel full-time to destinations throughout the world. They share tips that help visitors make the most of their retirement and inspire them to try new things and keep growing. In addition to travel topics, there’s also some informative content that discusses lifestyle concepts such as minimalism and budgeting.

What you can learn from Life Part 2:

  • How to define a specific niche for your travel blog
  • Why listing your experiences can be a great motivation for readers
  • Ways to develop your true purpose as a blogger

23. Lost With Purpose


Lost With Purpose

Alex Reynolds launched Lost With Purpose as a female solo travel blog where she explains exactly how to work and travel independently. The site is an inspiration for new travelers and also has a lot of useful tips and resources that anyone can use. She also offers exclusive tours in Pakistan, which allows her to spend time with fellow travelers and offer a truly unique experience for those who attend.

What you can learn from Lost With Purpose:

  • How to launch and market customized travel tours
  • Writing and formatting immersive travel guides
  • Where to place links for Patreon support from readers

24. Maptia 



Maptia is a travel blog that focuses on the art of storytelling. Each article on the website mixes vivid photographs with well-written accounts to really explain what the experience is like to visit different places. Visitors can sign up for a newsletter to stay informed about the latest stories, and there are additional resources available to explore the community.

What you can learn from Maptia:

  • How to develop a narrative style for your blog content
  • Where to find active contributors and develop a true community
  • Great ideas for creating a visual web store and selling photography products

25. Marriott Traveler


Marriott Traveler

Marriott does an excellent job of fostering an active community for their blog, the Marriott Bonvoy Traveler. The site is created as its own entity, and it has the look and functionality of a standard travel blog. The articles are well written and include photography that helps capture the essence of each topic.

What you can learn from Marriott Traveler:

  • An inside look at how a major company publishes their travel blog content
  • How to use diverse categories that cover many aspects of the travel world
  • Great examples of how to embed video content directly into posts

26. Matador Network


Matador Network

Matador has become a massive network of travel enthusiasts that includes millions of readers who regularly visit the blog. With a dedicated international team of contributors, this site is an inspirational example of using a travel blog to promote a true business venture. The team has also created an exclusive travel app, travelstoke, and you can view a selection of their premium shows and mini-documentaries called Matador Originals.

What you can learn from Matador Network:

  • The benefit of having an app that is associated with a blog
  • How to develop an international community of active followers
  • What can happen when you place high editorial standards on content

27. Matthew Woodward


Matthew Woodward

With so many travel blogs out there, it can be a challenge to differentiate your website and make it unique. Matthew Woodward has carved out an interesting niche for himself and travels nearly exclusively by train. He has mapped his largest trips on the website as distinct itineraries that capture multiple stops along a journey between two cities.

What you can learn from Matthew Woodward:

  • The benefit of developing a unique point of view
  • How to promote books on a travel blog
  • Where to find new ideas for YouTube and Instagram content

28. My Life’s a Travel Movie


My Life's a Travel Movie

Alyssa Ramos is a travel blogger and social media influencer who documents her journeys on her blog, My Life’s A Travel Movie. She prefers to travel solo and shares a lot of helpful tips for other aspiring travelers who want to learn how to get started. There’s a ton of content on the website, and she also organizes group trips to interesting destinations.

What you can learn from My Life’s a Travel Movie:

  • How to use Instagram to increase traffic to your blog
  • Where to promote the products in your web store
  • Why giveaways can help you grow your email subscriber list

29. Never Ending Footsteps


Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren Juliff is a writer who has been traveling extensively over the last 10 years while running the Never Ending Footsteps blog. Along with destination guides, you will also find some excellent articles about working and living in many different countries. She also has an interesting travel anxiety course available to help individuals overcome their fears and reduce anxiety through traveling.

What you can learn from Never Ending Footsteps:

  • How to promote courses on your travel blog
  • The importance of using social media along with your website
  • How to be candid and authentic with your audience

30. NOMADasaurus



The NOMADasaurus website has been around since 2013 and has become the biggest travel blog in Australia. Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem use this platform to share travel tips and show their readers how to promote sustainability. The site is easy to browse, and they do a really nice job of combining interesting writing with impressive photography.

What you can learn from Nomadasaurus:

  • How to offer adventure tours to your audience
  • Why you might want to promote sustainable tourism on your blog
  • Ways to maximize your engagement on Twitter and YouTube

31. Nomadic Boys


Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastian are a couple who have been traveling for the last 10 years and together created a leading gay travel blog called Nomadic Boys. They offer tips and inspiration for members of the LBGTQ community and their international audience. This website is an excellent example of combining lifestyle topics with resources for long-term travel.

What you can learn from Nomadic Boys:

  • How to establish an email newsletter
  • The importance of networking for blog success
  • Tips for curating travel content for the LBGTQ community

32. Nomadic Matt 


Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a well-known blog in the travel space that has been around for over 11 years. Matt has been to over 100 countries, and his travels have been covered by major publications like the BBC and The New York Times. He has a nice mix of informative and inspirational content that helps visitors learn more about traveling to any place at any time.

What you can learn from Nomadic Matt:

  • How to launch and maintain a webshop on your site
  • The true value of community and how to maximize your networking
  • Ways to successfully sell guidebooks and courses

33. Notes From the Road


Notes from the Road

Notes From the Road is an experimental travel blog by Erik Gauger. His content focuses on experiences in nature, and you’ll find a lot of stunning wildlife photography within many of the posts. He also includes several of his own illustrations. Erik’s goal for his blog is to capture true experiences that are told in a sincere way as they happen.

What you can learn from Notes From the Road:

  • The value of demonstrating authenticity through your blog
  • How to show a vivid picture of nature during travel
  • Ways to organize your travel writings by destination

34. Oneika The Traveller


Oneika the Traveller

Oneika Raymond is a media personality and journalist who has appeared on the Travel Channel and NBC New York. Her blog, Oneika the Traveller, allows her to share experiences from her travels to over 115 different countries over the years. She aims to inspire people of color and provide some important commentary and opinions along the way.

What you can learn from Oneika The Traveler:

  • How to balance blog content with a social media presence
  • Ways to present professional travel experience
  • Why you should embody the essence of the lifestyle you promote

35. Practical Wanderlust


Practical Wanderlust

Practical Wanderlust is a blog by a couple, Lia and Jeremy, who strive to provide their audience with realistic tips and advice for traveling. They’ve created detailed guides for many destinations and also offer gift guides for topics like hiking and eco-friendly travel. You’ll find some great articles on the blog along with some amazing photos from many unique places.

What you can learn from Practical Wanderlust:

  • Using printable checklists to attract newsletter followers
  • Why hosting a podcast can help develop your audience
  • How to promote products through affiliate sites

36. Retire Early and Travel


Retire Early and Travel

Keith and Tina Paul created Retire Early and Travel to help people prioritize travel and find ways to retire early and make it happen. They work alongside major travel agencies and businesses to find experiences they can review for their audience. This is an excellent example of using a travel blog not only to engage with an audience but also develop a true business around the concept.

What you can learn from Retire Early and Travel:

  • The importance of developing a core audience
  • How to use your blog to promote travel companies and offerings
  • The benefit of focusing on a specific travel concept for your blog

37. Sidetracked



Sidetracked seeks to capture the emotion of travel within each and every blog post. They run their travel blog as a web magazine with a complete editorial team and regular group of contributors. The field journal gives you quick access to specific entries covering different locations, and visitors can also purchase printed Sidetracked books from the online shop.

What you can learn from Sidetracked:

  • How to run and operate an online travel magazine
  • Great ways to match your highlighted content with each season
  • Where to find great brand partnerships

38. Spin The Globe


Spin the Globe

Sylvia Longmire has gained international recognition as a traveler who doesn’t let her disability hold her back. Previously diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Sylvia travels in her wheelchair and provides an intimate look into the challenges and potential for wheelchair accessible travel. She has also released several books and provides an impressive number of consulting and trip planning offerings on her blog.

What you can learn from Spin The Globe:

  • The true value of capturing candid and authentic stories
  • Ways you can promote books through a travel blog
  • How to embrace life and focus on your potential

39. Stuck in Customs


Stuck in Customs

Stuck in Customs is the travel blog of photographer Trey Ratcliff, and he really captures his personality on the site. He has amassed an impressive following and shares a ton of informative tutorials and guides for taking better photos and videos. This website is a great example of being fully committed to your niche and developing multiple streams of income.

What you can learn from Stuck in Customs:

  • How to promote yourself and your work in an authentic way
  • Why you should use multiple social media platforms
  • How to develop informative tutorials and guides

40. The Barefoot Nomad 


The Barefoot Nomad

The Barefoot Nomad is the blog of Micki and Charles Kosman, who have been actively traveling since 2003 and sharing a multitude of tips with their audience. With an active community of followers built over the last 10 years, their blog highlights the importance of consistency and regularly posting fresh content. Highlights of their blog include travel tech reviews and tips for how to manage travel as a family with young children.

What you can learn from The Barefoot Nomad:

  • The importance of writing a detailed About Us page
  • How to develop your content for long-term growth
  • How technology is impacting the travel niche

41. The Blonde Abroad


The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is run by Kiki, who has compiled a diverse set of travel tips on her website. She promotes the concept of solo travel and the many ways you can define your own unique approach to visiting any destination you choose. You’ll find a nice mix of inspirational posts, guides, and planning resources on her blog.

What you can learn from The Blonde Abroad:

  • The importance of integrating lifestyle tips and guides for deep audience engagement
  • How to incorporate a web store into your travel blog
  • The value of an easily accessible “start here” page to help direct new visitors

42. The Points Guy


The Points Guy

As the name implies, The Points Guy is a travel blog dedicated to maximizing the value of travel points and miles. Brian Kelly started this blog in 2010 and has since built a huge audience with over 10 million unique visitors to the site each month. On The Points Guy blog, Brian shares guides for how to accumulate and use travel rewards and also covers airline and travel news and other important topics related to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What you can learn from The Points Guy:

  • How to integrate two big topics, travel and personal finance, into a unique niche website
  • Why including relevant news topics can help keep your content fresh
  • How to set up a category for dedicated reviews for travel services and products

43. The Travel Episodes


The Travel Episodes

The Travel Episodes is the blog of Johannes Klaus, who focuses on the idea of travel as as a medium for storytelling. His travel stories include vivid photography and well-formatted posts to really build a sense for what it feels like to visit these destinations. Each post is written in a long-form journalistic style and often includes stories that span multiple days of a particular trip.

What you can learn from The Travel Episodes:

  • How to create narrative-style travel posts that include relevant images
  • What topics and themes can be developed into deeply engaging content
  • How to maximize the value of guest bloggers and contributed stories

44. Time Travel Turtle


Time Travel Turtle

Time Travel Turtle is Michael Turtle’s blog, and his content reflects his background as a television and radio reporter. His goal as a blogger is to share stories from his travels in a way that inspires others and helps them plan their own adventures. One major focus of his site is the importance of Unesco World Heritage Sites and why they make such incredible destinations to visit.

What you can learn from Time Travel Turtle:

  • Where to place your most popular posts as a dedicated feed
  • Why integrating a clear mission, such as visiting World Heritage Sites, can give your website structure
  • The importance of including lesser-known destinations and stories in your posts

45. Travel Break

Travel Break

Travel Break is run by Stephanie Be, who took a gap year after college and has traveled to 42 countries since then. Her website has a very streamlined layout with content that focuses on planning, packing, and travel tips. She has also created an online shop and promotes a dedicated travel companion app.

What you can learn from Travel Break:

  • The importance of being featured on other authoritative websites and blogs
  • How to structure and promote an engaging online store
  • Ideas for how to promote exclusive travel services and professional offerings

46. Travel For Wildlife


Travel for Wildlife

Travel for Wildlife is a nature travel blog created by a couple, Cristina Garcia and Hal Brindley. They not only share travel tips but also dedicate time to promoting conservation initiatives and the importance of responsible wildlife tourism. This website is an excellent example of how to combine a passion for travel with larger themes and trends in the industry.

What you can learn from Travel For Wildlife:

  • Ways to organize and share destination guides
  • A simple format for featuring your trending content
  • How winning tourism awards can help build credibility for your blog

47. Uncornered Market 


Uncornered Market

Bloggers and consultants Dan and Audrey started Uncornered Market to share stories from travelers and organizations that embrace the planet and promote responsible forms of travel. Hailing from the United States, they share stories that paint a more genuine picture of American life than can be seen on television. This approach helps them engage with an international audience and provides a strong base for promoting their consulting services.

What you can learn from Uncornered Market:

  • How to combine a travel blog with a commercial site featuring professional services
  • Why creating case studies for your blog can help you gain credibility with a professional audience
  • Where to place alert banners to provide visitors with urgent and important news and content

48. View From the Wing 


View From the Wing

Gary Leff is a CFO and travel expert, and his blog, View From the Wing, is an inspiring example of a site that has a clearly defined, specific purpose. His main focus is sharing travel deals and advice for how to manage air travel, hotel, and credit card rewards. Having been featured in a number of television, radio, and print publications, Gary continues to expand his reach and share the latest trends in the industry.

What you can learn from View from the Wing:

  • How to promote an email newsletter to your audience
  • The best way to organize trip reports by region and year
  • Where to place your best deals when promoting third-party offers

49. Wandering Earl


Wandering Earl

Derek has been traveling full-time since 1999 and has spent the last 20 years traveling to over 100 countries. His blog, Wandering Earl, contains blog posts and travel resources that chronicle his experiences. By building his website around his lifestyle, he has been able to create an authentic identity and share content that truly resonates with his audience.

What you can learn from Wandering Earl:

  • The value of making a resources section a highlight of your landing page
  • How to get the maximum value out of a simple website theme
  • Where to plan travel tours as an offering for dedicated travelers

50. We’re The Russos


We're The Russos

The We’re the Russos travel blog was created by full-time RVers Joe and Kait Russo in 2015. They’ve developed an effective and simple brand for their website that includes a nice professional logo and basic theme. They also do a great job of embedding their relevant YouTube content directly into posts and mixing different topics to keep the feed from becoming repetitive.

What you can learn from We’re The Russos:

  • How to develop and promote travel books for your website
  • Why YouTube can be an excellent extension of a travel blog
  • Tips for starting your own blog and earning money while traveling

Studying these amazing travel blogs and what they do right can inspire you to create your own travel blog that makes a mark in this popular niche. Once you start growing your audience, there are many ways to monetize your travel blog and finance your travel adventures. If you rent out your apartment or home to travelers while you’re jetsetting around the globe, promote your listings on sites like TripAdvisor and Airbnb with our easy to install Airbnb and TripAdvisor follow buttons, making it easy for your blog visitors to save your listings or experiences for the next time they’re planning a trip to your neck of the woods. Not only can you install them in just minutes, but they’re totally free to use!

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