How to Set Up Snapchat Share Sticker

We’ve recently added support for the Snapchat share button and look forward to our publishers integrating this very requested and popular social media destination! To ensure proper setup, here’s a few ins and outs we were able to capture from the Snap team.

What is a Share Sticker?
A Share sticker gives you the ability, as a publisher, to provide context to the shared Snapchat. It provides an opportunity for a call to action (e.g. “Swipe up to read”). You will be able to include your very own branding, description and summary which can be attached to any Snap!

Here’s an example of what the Snapchat Share Sticker would look like:

In order to include a share sticker, you’ll need to add the following meta tag within your html:

2  <meta
3    property="snap:sticker"
4    content=""
5  />

Sticker assets should be:

  • 400 x 400 px
  • Transparent background
  • Less than 1MB
  • For static stickers use PNG (GIF is not supported)
  • For Animated stickers use WebP (Gif is not supported)

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