How to Use the “Omit Class” Feature

Love adding our share buttons to your videos and images but wish you could stop them from showing on specific ones? No problem at all, this guide will teach you how to use our omit class feature to remove share buttons from appearing for selected videos and images.

1. First, log into the Platform and go to the Apps Directory page.
2. Once selected, scroll down to the customization section. It looks like this:

3. Within the Omit Class field, add a class name that you want to use.
4. Apply the changes by clicking Update
5. Now go to the page with your respective video or image and apply the class to the wrapper tag. For images, you can also add the class directly to the <img> tag.

Example of video code using “no-video” as an example of omit class:

<div class=”no-video”>

Example of image code using “no-image” as an example of omit class:

<img src="hello.jpg" class="no-image" />
<div class="no-image">
<img src="hello.jpg" />


The buttons aren’t appearing under my videos.

When getting the code for the embedded video on YouTube, Youtube gives you the option to “Enable privacy-enhanced mode”, if you select this, our buttons won’t appear under the video. Please make sure you haven’t enabled this while getting the YouTube code for the video.