50 Best SEO Tools to Optimize Your Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a more complex topic as digital marketing continues to evolve. Some core best practices, such as writing high quality content, will always hold true, but the factors (and the tactics) that impact search rankings most continue to change. Publishers and agencies are constantly searching for new ways to promote their brands, gain visibility, and optimize their sites. To keep track of it all and measure your results, SEO tools are a must.

True SEO comes down to getting the fundamentals right while also making many seemingly small improvements that, when combined, help your content outrank the competition. It’s all about tying together your on-site SEO with your social media efforts, link-building strategy, content marketing, and more to find the right balance that gets results. Many SEO experts rely on various SEO tools to give them a complete picture of whether or not their efforts are getting a return. Thankfully, there are a lot of useful SEO tools and software platforms that can help fill performance gaps in nearly any SEO strategy.

We’ve put together this list of 50 leading SEO tools that can help you design and execute your digital marketing strategies. Please note, the following tools are not ranked in any way. Instead, they’re organized alphabetically by the following categories:

Analytics Tools

1. AlsoAsked

Best SEO Tools: AlsoAsked

AlsoAsked is a visualization tool for researching the types of questions that people are asking online for a particular topic. This tool is similar to AnswerThePublic (below), but instead of using data from suggested auto-complete searches, AlsoAsked provides results from longer tail searches. The results also visually display the relationship between topics and questions.

Key Features:

  • Search by language and region
  • Uses “People Also Asked” data
  • View relationships between topics and questions

Cost: Free

2. AnswerThePublic



AnswerThePublic uses autocomplete data from Google searches to display a list of related keywords for any chosen topic. You can simply enter a topic or question into the search bar and AnswerThePublic presents an easy-to-view tree of the results. The free option limits the number of searches you can perform each day, while the Pro plan is unlimited and has additional features.

Key Features:

  • CSV export of result data
  • High resolution images with the Pro plan
  • Monitor trend behavior over time

Cost: Free – $99/month

3. cognitive SEO


Best SEO Tools: cognitive SEO

This backlink analysis tool from cognitiveSEO is part of their overall SEO and content marketing suite. A 7-day free trial gives you complete access to explore the instant backlink checker, site explorer, and unnatural link detection tool. With a comprehensive set of link analysis tools, you’re likely to find some new insights by performing a site audit.

Key Features:

  • Easily compare your site with competitors
  • A link navigator tool for browsing all links
  • Real-time link data and information

Cost: $89 – $129.99/month

4. Found SEO Audit Tool


Found SEO Audit Tool

Found is a free SEO tool for auditing your website that can instantly identify a number of common issues. Simply enter a domain, and Found produces a visual list of issues, warnings, and successes for the chosen site. The audit includes important data from each website such as technical information, link analysis, and content.

Key Features:

  • View a ranking factors guide for detailed analysis
  • Highlight technical, content, or link issues
  • An additional free PPC tool

Cost: Free

5. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress


Best SEO Tools: Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

WordPress publishers can get valuable insights from Google Analytics with the Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin from ShareThis. With this SEO tool, you can visualize how your audience is engaging with your content directly from your WordPress dashboard – no more switching between tabs and tools!

Key Features:

  • Visitor trends such as page views, users, pages per session, and more
  • Top 5 traffic sources driving the most traffic to your website
  • Your 10 most-viewed pages

Cost: Free

6. Google Webmaster Tools


Best SEO Tools: Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free resource for monitoring website and search performance. The Fetch as Google tool is useful for reviewing the fetch data for any URL and uncovering any issues with identifying content for search results. Another great tool is PageSpeed Insights that scores any page from 0-100 based on how well it rates against performance benchmarks.

Key Features:

  • Easy, free and simple to use
  • Quickly identify Googlebot crawl issues
  • Optimize performance for an entire site

Cost: Free

7. GrowthBar



GrowthBar is a plugin for the Chrome browser that gives you important SEO data directly in your Google search engine results pages (SERPs). For each keyword entered into Google, you’ll see an overall competitiveness score at the top of the page. They offer a free 5-day trial to get started, and additional SEO data includes keyword suggestions, organic traffic, and backlink data for search results.

Key Features:

  • Volume and CPC data for keywords
  • Export data as a CSV file
  • View competitor Facebook ads

Cost: $29/month

8. Keyworddit


Best SEO Tools: Keyworddit

Keyworddit is a free Reddit keyword research tool for analyzing pages on the popular messaging board. To use the tool, enter a subreddit page name into the search field and press the button. Search results are displayed with the keyword name, monthly search volume, and a link to the specific post for more detailed research.

Key Features:

  • Helps connect keywords to audience personas
  • Easily export keywords
  • View U.S-based keyword search volumes

Cost: Free

9. Moz



Moz is a suite of website analysis tools that includes a keyword explorer, site crawler, and link explorer. Keyword analysis results show additional suggestions, SERP analysis, and a visual chart of keyword mentions over time. Combined with additional data for ranking and domain authority, you can use Moz to improve all aspects of your website and content strategy.

Key Features:

  • An optimization score for each page
  • Track page rankings over time
  • Create customized PDF reports

Cost: $79 – $599/month

10. Screaming Frog SEO Spider


Best SEO Tools: Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO spider is a website crawling platform that gives you a complete picture of your website’s SEO performance. The software must be downloaded to use, and it can run on Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu platforms. A free option lets users crawl up to 500 URLs, and the paid version is unlimited with additional features such as Google Analytics integration and custom extraction.

Key Features:

  • Quickly identify broken links
  • Discover duplicate content
  • Generate XML Sitemaps

Cost: Free – £149/year

11. Varvy SEO Tool

Varvy SEO Tool

Varvy is an SEO tool that quickly analyzes any URL to identify any potential issues with the setup. The recommendations from this online service are based on Google guidelines for criteria including security, accessibility, and page speed. Search results also highlight whether the Google web crawler (Googlebot) has adequate visibility to properly index the site.

Key Features:

  • Review if all images have alt text
  • Automatically checks for broken links
  • Optimize your site for multiple devices

Cost: Free

12. Website Grader


Best SEO Tools: Website Grader

Website Grader, from HubSpot, is a free online website auditing tool that grades each website on a variety of criteria. To use the tool, simply enter any URL and your email address. The software generates a complete report that rates the website performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security, along with scores for each section.

Key Features:

  • Review web page size and speed
  • Assess the mobile-readiness of your site
  • View a complete SEO summary

Cost: Free

13. WooRank



Woorank is a simple website analysis tool that can generate a complete performance report for any URL. The analysis includes details about factors such as usability, SEO, visitors, and social metrics. After a free 14-day trial, users can sign up for one of three plans with features to handle website optimization projects of any size.

Key Features:

  • Identify hidden errors with the site crawl feature
  • Integrations with Google and Facebook
  • Export keyword and site crawl data to a CSV file

Cost: $39.17 – $179.99/month

Keyword Research Tools

14. Ahrefs


Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

The Ahrefs keyword explorer tool is a complete research solution with a database of over 7 billion keywords. Ahrefs sources data from ten different search engines, giving you a total picture across the entire web. Each keyword is presented with a Keyword Difficulty (KD) score that compares how hard it is to rank for the keyword against competitors.

Key Features:

  • View the estimated number of clicks per keyword
  • Advanced SEO metrics
  • Support for over 171 countries

Cost: $82 – $999/month

15. Google Ads Keyword Planner


Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner is a well-known and free resource that provides valuable insights during your keyword research. After setting up a Google Ads account, you can access the planner and use it to discover new keywords. A suggested bid for advertising is shown for each keyword, along with an estimate of competitiveness.

Key Features:

  • Easily add keywords to your campaigns
  • View keyword search volume
  • A suggested advertising bid for each keyword

Cost: Free

16. Google Search Console


Best SEO Tools: Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an online service for monitoring and optimizing the visibility of a website. After adding a domain, users must verify their site, and it’s recommended to integrate Google Analytics with the console. Once connected, website owners can add a sitemap, verify regional settings, and optimize many SEO settings to improve the potential indexing and rank of the site.

Key Features:

  • View errors with the Index Coverage report
  • Block Google from indexing certain pages
  • Monitor traffic with the Performance report

Cost: Free

17. Google Trends


Google Trends

Google Trends is a useful tool for initial keyword research because it helps you identify major trends among different search topics. After searching for a keyword or topic, you’ll see a graph of interest and how it has changed over time. It’s a great way to find trending keywords, current topics of interest to a particular region or overall, or related keywords that you can use for planning future content.

Key Features:

  • View the interest over time for any keyword
  • Identify related queries and topics
  • Also search YouTube keyword trends

Cost: Free

18. Jaaxy


Best SEO Tools: Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that compiles data from Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. In addition to standard traffic volume, Jaaxy also shares some useful metrics that can help you select unique keywords. One of these is the Quoted Search Result (QSR) score that shows a count of how many other websites are trying to rank for that same keyword.

Key Features:

  • Easily save, export, and share keyword data
  • Clear and simple metrics for keyword quality and competition
  • Coverage for 99.7% of search traffic

Cost: $49 – $99/month

19. Keyword Hero


Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero is an SEO tool for keyword research that brings back the organic keyword data that Google Analytics no longer provides, including all session metrics. It offers data on bounce rate, pages per session, average session duration, goal conversion rate, and goal completion. Keyword Hero also offers brand detection to distinguish brand from non-brand search traffic, and it distinguishes between informational and transactional queries, too.

Key Features:

  • Keyword and traffic analysis
  • Site structure and content optimization
  • Google SERP position monitoring & optimization

Cost: Free – $149/month

20. Keyword Tool


Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a Google autosuggest scraper that can help you find thousands of additional long-tail keywords. After an initial search, it’s easy to filter your results by location, network, or other criteria so that you’re focusing only on the information you need. It’s also a helpful service to use for competitor analysis, and you can try a limited version of this SEO tool for free.

Key Features:

  • Results for thousands of additional keywords
  • Filter results by location, language, and network
  • Easily compare search volume for keywords

Cost: Free – $159/month

21. Keywords Everywhere

Best SEO Tools: Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox that integrates keyword data into your search results. This program supports over 10 sites, including Ebay, Amazon, and Google. Keywords Everywhere offers a simple pay-by-keyword system with credits, and you can quickly browse and export data to a CSV file with a simple click.

Key Features:

  • View Volume, CPC, and competition data
  • Quickly export data to a CSV file
  • Displays related keywords in a dedicated sidebar

Cost: $1 per 10,000 keywords searched

22. Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher is a web-based SEO tool for keyword research that collects keywords from major search engines. The search fields are easy to navigate: select your target search engines and country along with a seed keyword. The software is available for a one-time fee and works on nearly any OS and device.

Key Features:

  • Export data as a TXT or CSV file
  • Extract keywords from YouTube
  • Local keywords from over 3 million cities

Cost: $47 one-time payment

23. KWFinder


Best SEO Tools: KWFinder

KWFinder is a SEO tool for keyword research and analysis that provides excellent visualization of target keyword data. The user interface includes a summary score of keyword difficulty for the chosen query and a list of related keywords. You can quickly view thousands of keyword ideas with KWfinder, and there’s a 10-day free trial to give it a try.

Key Features:

  • View search volumes with historic data
  • Find location-specific keywords
  • A database of over 2.5 billion keywords

Cost: $29.90 – $129/month

24. Moz Keyword Explorer


Moz Keyword Explorer

The Moz Keyword Explorer is different because it provides lateral keyword ideas that may not include the keyword from your search. This gives you some unique keywords to review that may be relevant to your niche and useful for your content marketing efforts. It’s easy to save your keyword lists in the program or export the data as a well-formatted CSV file.

Key Features:

  • Analyze keywords by search volume
  • A database of over 500 million keywords
  • A proprietary keyword difficulty score

Cost: Free – $599/month

25. QuestionDB

Best SEO Tools: QuestionDB

QuestionDB is a free tool for generating blog topic ideas based on a target question. Since many search engine queries are related to questions, this is a great way to target your content on specific topics. To use QuestionDB, simply enter any topic into the search field to view the associated question matches that can be sorted by popularity.

Key Features:

  • Focused on question-related keywords
  • Over 31 million questions in the database
  • Sort search results by popularity

Cost: Free

26. SECockpit



SECockpit is a professional SEO management platform that includes a powerful keyword research tool. Each keyword search query displays detailed trend, competition, and traffic data. One of the best metrics this SEO tool reports is a Niche score. Displayed as a colored bar, the Niche score shows you how good a keyword is based on competition and commercial intent.

Key Features:

  • Get fully processed keywords in under 1 minute
  • Includes data from Amazon and YouTube
  • A full competition analysis for each keyword

Cost: $25 – $99/month

27. SEMrush


Best SEO Tools: SEMrush

SEMRush is an online visibility management platform that can analyze any domain. One of the best ways to use this software for keyword research is to enter a competitor’s website into the search. Along with data for organic search traffic, it also reveals organic keywords. Users can click the associated link for a full report with a bunch of useful data.

Key Features:

  • Perform a technical SEO audit
  • Filter keyword results by country
  • Backlink analysis and analytics

Cost: $83.28 – $$399.95/month

28. Serpstat



Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform that includes position tracking, backlink analysis, site auditing, and keyword research. Serpstat’s keyword tool has a lot of helpful basic features that offer great value for the overall price you pay for the entire package. Keyword research features include the ability to identify related keywords and perform an in-depth analysis for any URL.

Key Features:

  • Search volume, CPC, and competition data
  • Quickly review related keywords for any entry
  • Adaptable filters for keyword targeting

Cost: $55 – $499/month

29. Soovle


Best SEO Tools: Soovle

Soovle collects keyword ideas from leading search engines and platforms into one easy to search database. Enter a topic into the search bar, and Soovle presents a short list of keyword ideas. It also includes data from sites such as Wikipedia, Amazon, Yahoo, and Bing, and you can save your preferred keywords and download the list easily.

Key Features:

  • Totally free to use
  • Drag-and-drop keywords to save them
  • Easily download the list as a CSV file

Cost: Free

Link Building & Link Management Tools

30. Disavow.it

Best SEO Tools: Disavow.it

Disavow.it can create a disavow file with just a couple of clicks. Disavow files can help you save time when updating your information on Google Search Console, but creating and formatting them can be time consuming if you’re reviewing many links. With this free tool, you simply upload a text file of links and click the button.

Key Features:

  • Download your disavow file in seconds
  • Completely free to use
  • Create or apply a disavow file

Cost: Free

31. Google



Don’t overlook the value of using Google search for link building by searching for high-value links in the search results. One way to make this even more effective is to use advanced search operators. Some examples include site:, related:, and intitle:, which target your search by filtering or expanding your initial search parameters.

Key Features:

  • Easily verify high-ranking links
  • Use search operators for targeted research
  • Save links with 3rd-party tools

Cost: Free

32. Linkody


Best SEO Tools: Linkody

Linkody is an easy-to-use backlink monitor and tracking tool. The main dashboard is user friendly and packs a lot of information into a single view. Users can view a complete backlink profile for their website and generate full reports with lists of anchor text and keywords. It’s also a helpful tool for analyzing competitors’ backlinks.

Key Features:

  • Email notifications for link changes
  • A full set of metrics from leading sites
  • PDF white label reports

Cost: $11.20 – $153.90/month

33. Link Prospector


Link Prospector

Link Prospector, from Citation Labs, was created to help content marketers find high-quality outlets to target for links and shares. The tool has 16 different report types that cover all aspects of content development, PR, and outreach. Search strings are pre-built into the platform, so you just need to begin with a seed keyword and the software will guide you from there.

Key Features:

  • A link target score to see high-value links
  • Reports targeting 16 types of outreach
  • Advanced tools for professional agencies

Cost: $47 – $497/month

34. Majestic


Best SEO Tools: Majestic

Majestic is a backlink checker and analysis tool set that maintains a current and historic index of crawled links. The Site Explorer tool is a quick way to identify high-value websites to target, and an exclusive Link Context tool displays additional data for each link. A Majestic API can be used for easily integrating custom-designed applications.

Key Features:

  • An exclusive Link Context tool
  • Export data to Excel, CSV, TSV, and Google Sheets files
  • An API for custom integrations

Cost: $49.99 – $399.99/month

35. Monitor Backlinks


Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is designed as a platform for users to track all of their backlinks in a single location. The online tool accepts links from any major sources, such as Ahrefs, Majestic, and Google Webmaster Tools. After uploading links, users have access to the dashboard where they can view trends over time and monitor key metrics from leading sites like Moz and Majestic.

Key Features:

  • Monitor ranking history and trends
  • Metrics from leading data sources
  • Import data from other major sources

Cost: $25 – $249.90+/month

36. Moz Link Explorer


Best SEO Tools: Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer, formerly Open Site Explorer, can be used to view the complete backlink profile and Domain Authority for any domain. Having access to all of the these links makes this a great option for competitor research, finding broken links on your own site, and for identifying top-performing content.

Key Features:

  • View the spam score for each backlink
  • Full anchor text data for every link
  • Research competitor backlinks

Cost: Free

37. ScrapeBox



ScrapeBox is a software program for Windows and Mac computers that features a diverse set of SEO tools. Some of the most useful functions include a search engine harvester, keyword harvester, and backlink checker. Being able to import thousands of links and check them quickly makes this a very useful option for link building.

Key Features:

  • Multi-threaded backlink checker
  • An extensive keyword harvester
  • Import URLs from over 30 search engines

Cost: $97 one-time fee

Outreach Tools

38. BuzzStream


Best SEO Tools: BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a digital PR platform for managing relationships and developing outreach strategies. Users can upload a list of target URLs, and the software collects all of the relevant influencer data, including contact information and social metrics. The BuzzStream dashboard lets you manage all of your communications and outreach activities from a single location.

Key Features:

  • Track all of your outreach communications
  • A press list building and pitching tool
  • Complete influencer profiles and metrics

Cost: $24 – $999/month

39. BuzzSumo



BuzzSumo is a complete digital marketing solution that includes tools for content research, influencer outreach, and performance monitoring. The outreach panel is separated into three sections for Twitter, Facebook, and blog content authors. It’s easy to search and filter results from each of these three platforms and find the right contacts for your outreach campaign.

Key Features:

  • Key metrics such as Page Authority
  • A language filter for easy targeting
  • An extensive database with millions of influencers

Cost: $79 – $499+/month

40. GroupHigh


Best SEO Tools: GroupHigh

Grouphigh is a blog outreach tool that is built for making contacts quickly. The site claims to improve the speed of outreach by four times and has the world’s largest blog database with more than 15 million blog profiles. The central dashboard makes it easy to monitor the status for each contact, and you can create custom reports to show the ROI of your outreach efforts.

Key Features:

  • Rapid sort and filtering tools
  • Import CSV, URL and contact files
  • Built-in email templates

Cost: Contact for a quote

41. Help A Reporter Out (HARO)


Best SEO Tools: Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is designed solely for the purpose of connecting journalists with valuable sources. With a database of over 55,000 journalists and bloggers, it’s an excellent resource for outreach and gaining media coverage. To get started as a source, all you have to do is register for an account to start reviewing requests and making pitches directly to the journalists.

Key Features:

  • Access to over 50,000 outlets
  • 4 pricing tiers to match your needs
  • Receive alerts for new opportunities

Cost: Free

42. Hunter


Best SEO Tools: Hunter

Hunter is a domain search and email discovery tool with an index of over 100 million email addresses. This software works by searching any website, finding the email addresses associated with that domain, and displaying them with sources. Verified email addresses are marked with a special icon, and you can also view a confidence score to know if the address is likely to be active.

Key Features:

  • Synchronize leads with your CRM
  • An email verifier to check deliverability
  • Chrome and Firefox extensions

Cost: Free – $399/month

43. JustReachOut


JustReachOut is a public relations offering that can help identify suitable outlets for getting exposure. The software searches for relevant journalists, publications, podcasts, and press contacts that are matched to your niche and outreach goals. They also offer extensive guidance and training for making PR pitches more competitive.

Key Features:

  • Personalized conversation starters
  • Email address verification
  • Analytics for open and response rates

Cost: $159 – $559/month

44. Klear


Best SEO Tools: Klear

Klear is an influencer marketing platform for discovering important contacts that can help promote your business. You can search by topic and then sort the search results by age, gender, location and other demographic information. The pricing for Klear is customized to the needs of each client, and they offer a live demo to those who are interested.

Key Features:

  • Platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok
  • Sophisticated search capabilities
  • AI-powered audience targeting tools

Cost: Contact for a quote

45. Muck Rack


Best SEO Tools: Muck Rack

Muck Rack is PR software that streamlines the pitch process by connecting companies with relevant journalists. Users can make highly targeted searches of the extensive database, and media management tools keep your work up-to-date. You can also use Muck Rack to monitor news and receive automated alerts if your company or chosen competitors are mentioned.

Key Features:

  • Build and share media lists easily
  • Monitor trending news using keywords
  • Export presentation-ready PDF reports

Cost: Contact for a quote

46. Ninja Outreach


Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is a marketing tool for finding influencers and bloggers that can help promote your business. You can filter the database by niche and location to identify just the right kind of profiles for your marketing campaign. It’s also easy to manage your campaigns by adding team members and tracking email opens, replies, and conversions.

Key Features:

  • A built-in CRM
  • Tracking conversion histories
  • An effective keyword-based search

Cost: $119 – $499/month

47. Pitchbox


Best SEO Tools: Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a content marketing platform for building active campaigns that deliver results. The database of profiles contains bloggers, publishers, and influencers that have been collected from leading SEO providers like Majestic and SEMRush. To help improve your overall response rate, you can also build a series of automated follow-up emails for each prospect.

Key Features:

  • Integration with top SEO providers
  • Fully customize outreach emails
  • Detailed management, client, and team reports

Cost: Contact for a quote

48. Snov.io



Snovio is an outreach automation tool that features an excellent visual workflow for creating your lead generation or outreach process. To begin, users collect email addresses from specific domains or LinkedIn and verify them within Snovio. Email drip campaigns can then be created using a drag-and-drop tool, and it’s easy to review important metrics of your results after messages have been sent.

Key Features:

  • An email finder tool for Chrome
  • Import email addresses individually or in batches
  • A free Gmail email tracker extension

Cost: Free – $199/month

49. Tomoson


Best SEO Tools: Tomoson

Tomoson is an influencer marketing tool that has tools for connecting influencers and brands. Influencers can browse a large database of paid, free, and discounted product campaign opportunities being offered by companies. Brands can search the database of over 70,000 influencers to find the right opportunities to promote their product or service.

Key Features:

  • Free for influencers
  • Invite influencers to apply to your campaign
  • A message center for managing communications

Cost: $49 – $599/month

50. Traackr



Traackr uses data to improve the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns. A simple workflow is used to create your campaign, and users can fully customize all aspects of planned engagements. The reporting tools are extensive, with access to data for optimizing ROI, monitoring competitive intelligence, and benchmarking brand performance.

Key Features:

  • Access to over 6M influencer profiles
  • Filter profiles by 22 different criteria
  • Search 13 social platforms in 43 countries

Cost: Contact for a quote

Monitoring your website’s performance is a must for search engine optimization, but switching between tools is time-consuming and frustrating. WordPress publishers can get valuable SEO data from Google Analytics directly from their WordPress dashboard with our Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin. It’s simple to install and free to use!

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