8 Great Magento Website Examples

Magento, now known as Adobe Commerce after being acquired by the tech giant in 2018, is a robust eCommerce platform designed to manage content, improve performance, and boost SEO-friendliness. Websites that sell online have seen incredible growth after switching to Adobe Commerce, thanks to its design customization, optimized performance, and responsive mobile framework.

8 Magento Website Examples 

Data collected by Adobe in early 2022 shows that inflation has contributed to higher-than-ever eCommerce sales across multiple industries, with groceries, electronics, and apparel earning the three most profitable spots. It’s no wonder that many brands have turned to online sales as an important piece of their overall profits.

Adobe Commerce is just one of many eCommerce platforms, but several companies have noticed positive changes in sales since deciding to move to Adobe. The following brands currently run on the Adobe Commerce platform.

  1. Huffy Bikes
Huffy Bikes

The parent company of Huffy Bikes, United Wheels, switched over its multiple bike brands to the Adobe Commerce platform. Huffy Bikes is just one of the company’s examples of how Adobe Commerce can help build an easy-to-navigate, professional website that’s as innovative as its sub-brands. According to Adobe, United Wheels also uses integrations of other tools with Adobe Commerce to pull data together for marketing and lead generation purposes, allowing it to cross-engage customers.

  1. Wyze

Wyze is a tech-forward company crafting some of the most well-known wired and wireless security camera, video doorbells, and other home security products and accessories. Using the Adobe Commerce platform, the Wyze website gets super-fast two-second page load times and can handle an average of 850 orders per minute. Thanks to the Adobe Commerce platform, the Wyze website looks and behaves just like customers would expect from a cutting-edge technology company’s website.

  1. Rite Aid
Rite Aid

Rite Aid’s website is as multi-functional as it gets. Customers can use the site to shop for products, check their digital rewards and coupons, book appointments for vaccines, and manage their prescriptions. The company has adopted many of Adobe’s cloud tools, like Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Campaign, to create a customer-focused website that’s easy to use, convenient, and adaptive to the modern technology climate.

  1. Rural King
Rural King

Rural King switched to the Adobe Commerce platform in 2017 as it transformed into an omnichannel seller. Putting a strong focus on eCommerce to add to its already strong in-store sales, Rural King created a website that made it easy for customers to sift through its enormous catalog of products. Automated processes added to the overall customer experience and company productivity, giving Rural King a 34% growth in online revenue. 

  1. Lovesac

Lovesac creates customizable furniture sets for people to design their own loveseats, sectionals, and more. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lovesac moved its company and sales completely online. Using Adobe Commerce to ensure that its website was ready to handle more traffic and online sales, the company saw massive growth in conversion rates and average order values. Some of its success comes from the website’s ability to showcase furniture online, essentially bringing furniture stores right into customers’ computers with product videos, reviews, and in-depth content about each product.

  1. Neverfail

Spring water delivery company Neverfail found success with Adobe Commerce after switching to the platform to update a website that felt outdated and didn’t serve customers as effectively. After transitioning to Adobe Commerce, Neverfail saw doubled sales each quarter. It also created an online recurring subscription option for customers, which now accounts for half of its online sales. 

  1. Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon

Lighting and furniture store Tom Dixon turned to Adobe Commerce to build a visually appealing website that exudes its unique branding and style. Today, the easy-to-navigate website has fully optimized pages with quick load speeds, allowing the company to experience reduced bounce rates and higher conversions

  1. yd.

The Retail Apparel Group (RAG) moved its apparel brand websites to Adobe Commerce a few years ago when it found that its current eCommerce platform couldn’t keep up with the brands’ customer demands. yd. is one of its brands offering trendy styles for men. Its design and content showcase the brand perfectly, and its optimized checkout streamlines the customer experience. 

Scale Your Magento (Adobe Commerce) Site

Have you recently switched to Adobe Commerce, or are you considering using it for your eCommerce website? If you do adopt the platform, be sure to install our Adobe Commerce share buttons. They’re quick and easy to install on Adobe Commerce websites with just a few clicks, and you can customize them to blend with the look and feel of your site. Plus, you’ll get detailed analytics to let you know how your share buttons perform. 

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