How to Start a Fitness Blog in 5 Simple Steps

Are you looking to share your expertise in the fitness realm with others you might benefit from your knowledge? A fitness blog can help you do just that. If you’re new to blogging altogether, then head to our beginner’s guide for starting a new blog to learn the basics. Then, follow the steps below to learn how to gear up your fitness blog for success.

1. Find a Niche

While fitness is your blog’s topic, a more defined niche can target the audience you want. Luckily, the fitness industry is ripe with potential niches. There are blogs about getting fit after having a baby, fitness for seniors, and running. Whatever fitness niche you choose, make it something you’re passionate enough to write about and help others with. You can narrow your niche to:

  • A specific type of exercise or workout routine
  • Fitness for a particular age group or demographic
  • Weight loss-focused topics
  • Health supplements
  • Wellness of the body and mind
  • Food and fitness
  • Bodybuilding

There are many angles within these categories that you can take to make your blog stand out from the crowd. The narrower you make your niche, the more targeted your audience will be, which can help you stand out as the expert in your fitness focus.

2. Consider Content Types

How to Start a Fitness Blog in 5 Simple Steps - Love Sweat Fitness

Screenshot via Love Sweat Fitness

A fitness blog has the potential to turn into much more than just a blog. Look at some of the top fitness bloggers on the web for inspiration. Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness, for example, uses her platform to provide daily workouts, nutrition plans, and even a Bridal Bootcamp regimen to help her audience get in shape.

Before planning your content, consider what types of content you want to incorporate into your blog. Maybe you’ll write one blog post, four Instagram posts, and create a fitness video each week. You might also include written or video tutorials, interviews with other fitness experts, or fitness gear reviews to round out your content.

3. Build Your Audience and Email List

With an outline of your content strategy in hand, you can start creating your content. Before you launch your blog officially, you should have at least one or two pillar posts on your site and between five and ten blog posts, videos, and other content. Include a mix of evergreen content and timely or newsworthy content. You can use this content base to begin building your audience and email list.

Your email list will be pivotal in your marketing strategy. Eventually, you can use this list to let your audience know when you’ve shared something new on your blog, have a new fitness video coming out, or are getting ready to launch a course, e-book, meal plan, or whatever else you want to sell.

An email list builder can get your list off the ground and running with a customizable pop-up that encourages people to sign up without taking away from your site’s design and navigation.

4. Repurpose Your Content

Because the fitness industry allows for creating a variety of types of content in various formats, you’ll have several opportunities to repurpose your content at your fingertips. That means you’ll spend less time creating new content because you can use what you have and package it into something new.

For instance, you might take a workout video you made a few months ago and turn it into a printable filled with its workout moves that people can take with them for exercising on-the-go. Or, create an episode for your podcast that answers several common questions people asked in the comments of one of your blog posts.

Repurposing your content saves you time while still getting yourself and your content in front of your audience regularly. It’s also an excellent way to keep increasing your traffic while you build your audience.

5. Make Money

How to Start a Fitness Blog in 5 Simple Steps - The Betty Rocker

Screenshot via The Betty Rocker

Making money from a blog is the primary goal for many bloggers. With a successful fitness blog, the sky’s the limit when it comes to monetization. People interested in fitness willingly soak up information that they find useful in their fitness journeys, whether that’s a podcast, a fitness gear buying guide, an e-book, or a video – and you can make money with any of these options and more. The Betty Rocker, for example, offers supplements, workout programs, eating guides, and even apparel, providing a mix of useful products her audience can mix and match for a customized healthy lifestyle.

Fitness bloggers earn cash through sponsored partnerships and posts with fitness brands. They make money displaying ads on their sites. They recommend products they love and earn commissions when people buy those products through affiliate links.

Check out our beginner’s guide to monetizing a blog to learn the basics and get some inspiration.

Get Started on Your Fitness Blog

Your successful fitness blog is right around the corner. It’s not unheard of for fitness bloggers to build an audience and start making money within their first month or two of blogging. If you want to get a kickstart on building your audience, install our social media share buttons on your blog. They take just minutes to install and allow your visitors and readers to share your best workouts, fitness posts, and other content on their favorite social media networks – with just a single click!

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