50 Best Privacy Policy Generators, Templates & Guides (+ Examples)

Internet privacy is a major subject for most companies these days as consumers continue to expect transparency about their personal data and information. Anyone building a new website, starting a blog, or launching an app needs to consider the laws that regulate internet activity and privacy, such as GDPR, and ensure they have a comprehensive privacy policy. Hiring an attorney to write a legally compliant privacy policy is costly, but fortunately, there are dozens of free and low-cost privacy policy generators that can help you create a privacy policy with ease.

To help you understand the basic privacy laws and generate a compliant policy for your website, we have put together this list of the 50 best privacy policy generators, templates, and guides that we could find. We’ve also included some great example privacy policies from leading websites to show you how they define their practices.

To make things easy, these helpful privacy policy generators and resources are grouped by category below (in other words, they’re not ranked or rated in order of importance or value):

Free Privacy Policy Generators

1. 3dcart


Free Privacy Policy Generators: 3dCart

The e-commerce platform 3dcart is known for its SEO-ready stores and numerous features provided to sellers. The privacy policy generator on their website is free to use. It includes support for GDPR language, and you can get started by entering some basic information about your business into the web form.

Key Features:

  • GDPR personalized privacy policy template
  • Easy to access after providing basic information
  • Results are displayed immediately on the page for easy copying

Cost: Free

2. activeMind AG

Free Privacy Policy Generators: activeMind AG

The German data protection and information security company activeMind AG provides a free privacy policy generator on their website. It was last updated at the end of 2018 and takes into account GDPR requirements. This generator has good reviews from visitors to the website, and policies are easy to create after answering some basic questions.

Key Features:

  • Easily create a policy by answering a series of questions
  • A 5-star rating for the generator from website visitors
  • A transparent change log provided for tracking future changes

Cost: Free

3. App Privacy Policy Generator


Free Privacy Policy Generators: App Privacy Policy Generator

This web-based form on the App Privacy Policy Generator site lets you create both a basic privacy policy and generic Terms & Conditions for your mobile applications. You simply provide some basic information about your app and select whether you would like links to any third-party services included. The personalized privacy policy can then be viewed by clicking on the navigation tab at the top of the page.

Key Features:

  • Ability to select mobile OS
  • Selections of app type for corporate or individual use
  • Support for links to third-party services

Cost: Free

4. Ben Nadel


Free Privacy Policy Generators: Ben Nadel

Ben Nadel, the co-founder and principal engineer at InVision App, has a basic privacy policy and terms of service generator on his website. You simply enter your company name and U.S. state, and the page will create your policy as text and HTML. It’s a very simple framework for a privacy policy but should be very helpful to anyone just starting out.

Key Features:

  • Very simple personalization with company name and state
  • Generated as text for easy copy and paste
  • HTML version of the policy included

Cost: Free

5. Cookie Policy Generator

Free Privacy Policy Generators: Cookie Policy Generator

It’s a good idea to maintain a separate cookie policy on your website if you utilize cookies for your business activities. This easy-to-use generator will ask you simple questions about your cookie usage and business details. You can then generate a free policy and place it directly on your website.

Key Features:

  • Specific for cookie use cases
  • Support for third-party services used on your site
  • Additional resources for EU and GDPR considerations

Cost: Free

6. Docracy


Free Privacy Policy Generators: Docracy

The website Docracy hosts a mobile privacy policy generator that is free and completely open-source. Visitors can select from three privacy use cases for using geolocation, displaying ads, and basic situations like tracking analytics. From there, the privacy policy document will be created, and you can further customize the template with your business name and other information.

Key Features:

  • Download the policy as a PDF, Word doc, or HTML
  • Considers specific use cases like geolocation and online ads
  • Quickly provides you with an editable draft

Cost: Free

7. FormSwift


Free Privacy Policy Generators: FormSwift

This page from the legal documentation company FormSwift includes a privacy policy generator, guide, and templates. The article explains what a privacy policy is, who needs to provide one, and how to write an effective policy for your business. Clicking on “Create My Document” at the top of the page will launch the generator and allow you to customize your privacy policy.

Key Features:

  • An embedded document creator for online policy creation
  • Export for PDF and Word includes a proofreading check
  • Support for electronic signatures

Cost: Free

8. Forms Templates

Free Privacy Policy Generators: Forms Templates

Forms Templates is an online resource for free legal documents. The privacy policy generator starts with a selection of U.S. state and then launches a document creator that can be used to customize and then complete your form. There are also links on the page to additional generators for many other legal document types.

Key Features:

  • Easily save, print, download, and share
  • Supports customization for all 50 states
  • Unlimited updates and copies for free

Cost: Free

9. Free Privacy Policy


Free Privacy Policy Generators: Free Privacy Policy

Free Privacy Policy is a website dedicated to providing customized privacy policies for free. The generated policies are compliant with major international privacy laws including CCPA and GDPR. Tools are available to create, download, and then easily add the policy directly to your website. You will also have access to a control panel where you can track future changes.

Key Features:

  • Create a fully-customized policy in less than 15 minutes
  • Compliance with CCPA, GDPR, CalOPPA, and more
  • Over 1.1 million policies generated on the site

Cost: Free

10. LegalTemplates


Free Privacy Policy Generators: LegalTemplates

The legal document management company Legal Templates has a streamlined web app for creating a customized privacy policy for your business. After choosing the business location, you can complete the rest of the details in minutes and download your finished document. This generator is suitable for websites, blogs, and mobile apps.

Key Features:

  • Create a policy in 3 easy steps
  • Compliant with Google AdSense and e-commerce laws
  • Download and print for free

Cost: Free

11. Privacy Policy Generator

Privacy Policy Generator

Built for use by any business, Privacy Policy Generator helps you create a privacy policy completely tailored to the needs of your business in minutes. This Privacy Policy Generator makes maintaining an up-to-date privacy policy simple by notifying you when there are updates applicable to your business and dynamically updating your policy according to the changes you make in the platform.

Key Features:

  • Policy dynamically updates based on your inputs
  • Customized policies for any business: websites, blogs, and online stores
  • Comply with privacy laws and third-party applications

Cost: Free

12. Privacy Policy Online

Free Privacy Policy Generators: Privacy Policy Online

Privacy Policy Online has three generators for creating privacy policies, terms & conditions, or disclaimers. When creating a privacy policy, you can also view a brief FAQ that will help you prepare for filling in the web form. After entering the details for your business, you can easily modify the document for your specific needs and prepare it for download or printing.

Key Features:

  • Easily customize clauses within the document
  • Policies are suitable for a website or app
  • A privacy policy FAQ for quick reference

Cost: Free

13. Privacy Policy Template

Free Privacy Policy Generators: Privacy Policy Template

Privacy Policy Template calls itself “the fastest free privacy policy generator available.” They have a simple two-step web form for collecting information about your website and business so that the policy can be customized for your needs. You can preview the policy on the page and easily copy it to another platform or your website for additional editing.

Key Features:

  • An easy 2-step process for customizing the template
  • Quickly preview edits directly on the page
  • Access to a generic GDPR privacy policy template

Cost: Free

14. Privacy Terms Generator

Free Privacy Policy Generators: Privacy Terms Generator

The Privacy Terms Generator website is a great resource for creating a customized privacy policy template for your website or application. Basic terms that are created by the generator can be further modified based on your target platforms such as a website, blog, or online store. The site is supported by donations and offers the generator for free.

Key Features:

  • Up to 14 sections can be included in your policy
  • A simple 4-step process for customization
  • Support for websites, blogs, and online stores

Cost: Free

15. Shopify


Free Privacy Policy Generators: Shopify

Ecommerce platform Shopify has a free and easy-to-use privacy policy generator on their website. To create your policy, you simply need to fill out a single form with information about your business and click the button to access your document. You can also join a free 14-day trial with Shopify or opt-out to create your privacy policy directly.

Key Features:

  • Updated to include GDPR requirements
  • Created with a focus on e-commerce storefronts
  • Additional tools for creating a refund policy or service policy

Cost: Free

16. Volusion


Free Privacy Policy Generators: Volusion

Volusion specializes in providing e-commerce websites and shopping cart software for businesses. The free privacy policy generator on their site is simple and allows you to create a basic template by simply entering your company name and email address. This privacy policy template is perfect for use on an e-commerce store or other website.

Key Features:

  • An easy to modify privacy policy template
  • Simply start by entering your company name and email address
  • Additional return policy and terms & conditions generators

Cost: Free

17. GetTerms.io

Paid Privacy Policy Generators: GetTerms.io

GetTerms has a very comprehensive privacy policy generator that includes a number of details including cookies, data storage, and third-party services. You can select the relevant terms for your policy by marking a series of check-boxes that are provided. There are three privacy policy packages to choose from based on the complexity of your business: Basic, Custom, and Comprehensive.

Key Features:

  • 3 flexible pricing options based on your needs
  • Numerous options to customize policy terms
  • An average 5-star rating from previous customers

Cost: Free – $29/policy

18. iubenda


Paid Privacy Policy Generators: iubenda

Iubenda offers compliance solutions for organizations, websites, and applications. They offer a comprehensive privacy and cookie policy generator that has been drafted by an international legal team and is compliant with the latest regulations. You can integrate the policy from Iubenda directly with your site using a widget or API so that it can be automatically updated over time.

Key Features:

  • Self-updating for easy compliance with laws
  • Customizable with over 700 clauses
  • A quick-start guide for easy reference

Cost: $27-$108+/mo

19. PrivacyPolicies


Paid Privacy Policy Generators: PrivacyPolicies

Privacy Policies offers a generator that can create your policy in about three minutes. Users can begin with the free option which provides hosting, free revisions, and basic clauses for your privacy policy. For access to additional clauses and the ability to download the policy, users can select a premium one-time payment option.

Key Features:

  • Easily integrate the hosted policy with your website or blog
  • Download available in HTML, Word, and PDF formats
  • Clauses available for many third-party services

Cost: Free, contact for premium pricing

20. Rocket Lawyer


Paid Privacy Policy Generators: RocketLawyer

Rocket Lawyer offers affordable legal services and documents to their customers. One of the main benefits of their service is access to a network of lawyers that can help answer basic questions and offer legal advice. Users can create a basic privacy policy for free and Rocket Lawyer offers premium membership options or a one-time download fee for each document for non-members.

Key Features:

  • Easily save, sign, print and download policy
  • On-call chat available with network attorneys
  • A step-by-step interview process for document creation


  • Free with 7-day premium membership trial
  • $39.99/policy (non-member)
  • $39.99/mo premium membership

21. Termly


Paid Privacy Policy Generators: Termly

Termly provides its customers with a hosted privacy policy solution that can be automatically updated as legislation changes are made. You can design a policy for your blog, e-commerce store, or application by starting with their free option. A simple Pro plan is offered with additional features, including multi-language support and removal of the Termly logo.

Key Features:

  • GDPR-compliant to meet the latest guidelines
  • Supports multiple platforms including apps and e-commerce sites
  • Automatic updates available for any legislation changes

Cost: Free or $10/mo pro plan

22. TermsFeed


Paid Privacy Policy Generators: TermsFeed

The TermsFeed privacy policy generator has been fully updated for 2020 based on the latest privacy laws that have been passed. You can get started with a free basic policy, and additional features can be added for a fee, such as application support. There is a simple four-part process for creating and customizing your privacy policy document.

Key Features:

  • Fully compliant with international laws and updated for 2020
  • Policies to support apps for Facebook, mobile, and SaaS
  • An FAQ available on the page for additional help

Cost: Free with limited clauses, contact for premium pricing

23. WebsitePolicies

Paid Privacy Policy Generators: WebsitePolicies

WebsitePolicies allows visitors to generate an attorney-drafted privacy policy using their generator. There is support for website and app policies that are compliant with all major international privacy laws. The policies are fully tailored to the specifics of your unique business and you can also include clauses based on third-party service requirements.

Key Features:

  • Free hosting for policies is available
  • Automatic updates based on the latest privacy laws
  • High 5-star ratings from previous customers

Cost: Free – $19.95/policy

24. WP AutoTerms

Paid Privacy Policy Generators: WP Autoterms

The WordPress plugin WP AutoTerms enables you to create a privacy policy directly from within your website. You can create a custom legal place, terms & conditions, or a privacy policy with the software and then automatically link to them in the footer of your WordPress website. It’s easy to get started for free, and a premium license is available with additional features.

Key Features:

  • Automatically notify users when legal pages are updated
  • Easily create a cookie notification for site visitors
  • Privacy policies designed with the plugin are GDPR compliant

Cost: Free or $19-$39/website use for a premium license

Privacy Policy Templates

25. Free Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Templates: Free Privacy Policy

This privacy policy template from Free Privacy Policy is shared as a blog post that highlights the major clauses you should include. The post explains which details are required by international laws and other third-party services you may be using. Each section has an example of the recommended language and policy structure.

Key Features:

  • Examples of policy clauses from popular websites
  • Details for the 4 main clauses you should include in your policy
  • Additional links for international law and regulation requirements

Cost: Free

26. GetTerms.io

Privacy Policy Templates:  GerTerms.io

In addition to their privacy policy generator, the website GetTerms also has a page with templates for a variety of policy types. Examples include privacy policies for a website, mobile app, blog, and eCommerce site. You can view the basic language for each template and easily copy and paste them from the page to your website or another document platform for further editing.

Key Features:

  • Templates for website, mobile apps, and blogs
  • Example cookie and GDPR policies
  • A link with quick access to the privacy policy generator

Cost: Free

27. International Association of Privacy Professionals


Privacy Policy Templates: International Association of Privacy Professionals

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has two sample data protection policy templates that you can download from their website. One is created for those who must follow the EU GDPR, and the other is for those organizations that do not need to take it into account. Both are available as a Word document download and are a great data privacy starting point for small organizations.

Key Features:

  • A focus on data protection practices
  • Links to additional articles about GDPR Requirements
  • Two versions available as a Word document

Cost: Free

28. SEQ Legal

Privacy Policy Templates:  SEQ Legal

SEQ Legal first published this privacy policy template in 2008, and the last major update was done in 2018 to reflect the GDPR. You can download the template for free, and there is an extensive FAQ on the page to help you understand the most important clauses within the document. Visitors can also purchase a license to use the policy without any attribution.

Key Features:

  • Simple 1-click download for the Word document
  • Detailed clauses that capture GDPR requirements
  • Additional privacy and cookie policy templates available

Cost: Free, £10 license for use without attribution

29. Termly


Privacy Policy Templates: Termly

GDPR compliance software company Termly has a simple privacy policy template that is designed for websites. The post that accompanies the template provides a thorough overview of the important clauses that should be included. You can also find some additional privacy policy examples from other websites near the bottom of the post.

Key Features:

  • Available as full text or a Word document
  • An additional library of other privacy policy templates
  • Explanations of important international privacy laws

Cost: Free

30. TermsFeed


Privacy Policy Templates: TermsFeed

TermsFeed does a nice job of providing supporting information along with their privacy policy template. You will find an explanation of important policy clauses, regulations for different regions, and plenty of real-world examples. There are links at the bottom of the page to easily download the privacy policy for editing and sharing.

Key Features:

  • Important sections describing cookies, security, and data logging
  • A change control log tracking template updates
  • Download as a PDF, Word doc, or Google Doc

Cost: Free

31. UpCounsel


Privacy Policy Templates: UpCounsel

The legal website UpCounsel has a privacy policy template that you can download for free. It is intended or use as a starting point to develop a more detailed and comprehensive policy for your site. In addition to a download, there is also an easy-to-read text version of the template right on the page that shows you where to add your business details.

Key Features:

  • Highlighted text showing you where to add your information
  • Helpful policy advice and information at the bottom of the page
  • A link to easily share or download the document

Cost: Free

32. WebsitePolicies


Privacy Policy Templates: WebsitePolicies

WebsitePolicies offers a free sample privacy policy template that you can access as text or download as a file. They have also included a lengthy guide that explains what a privacy policy is and how to use one for your website or blog. This is a great simple policy to use if you are getting started and would just like to begin with a basic framework.

Key Features:

  • Download as a PDF or Word document
  • Advice for how to enforce your privacy policy
  • Examples of policies shown at other websites

Cost: Free

Privacy Policy Tutorials & Guides

33. Better Business Bureau


Privacy Policy Tutorials & Guides: Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has put together a few basic tips for writing an effective privacy policy. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep a policy clear and focused when considering so many particular clauses, rules, and regulations. In addition to the guide, you can also access their other vast resources for additional help and insights for your business.

Key Points:

  • Make sure your policy is updated often based on the latest practices
  • Always keep your privacy policy visible and easy to access
  • Define what you are doing with customer data

34. California Department of Justice

Privacy Policy Tutorials & Guides: California Department of Justice

This PDF guide is called “Privacy on the Go” and includes recommendations based on the new mobile environment. It was created in 2013 by the California Department of Justice and has insights that are still relevant today. Details of the report include specific advice for app developers, app platform providers, and advertising networks. There is also a section describing the California Online Privacy Protection Act.

Key Points:

  • Develop a privacy policy that is clear, accurate, and easily accessible
  • Mobile ad networks should avoid using out-of-app ads
  • Mobile carriers should educate customers on mobile privacy concerns

35. GDPR.eu

Privacy Policy Tutorials & Guides: GDPR.eu

The central GDPR information website shares a guide for writing a GDPR-compliant privacy notice that includes a PDF policy template for download. The GDPR is an extensive set of privacy regulations, and if your business has activities in the region, they should be reviewed in detail. This guide will help you understand the basic requirements and how you can integrate them into your individual privacy policy.

Key Points:

  • Avoid using qualifiers such as may, might, or some in your policy
  • Always provide a policy in writing
  • Different requirements apply to direct and indirect data collection practices

36. Government of British Columbia


Privacy Policy Tutorials & Guides: Government of British Columbia

The government of British Columbia has a bunch of resources on its website to help companies manage their businesses. This guide explains how to implement and maintain a privacy policy for a new business. The post focuses on how technology, communication materials, service contacts, and training practices can impact your policy.

Key Points:

  • Compliance standards may require a change to your IT systems
  • Review the paper or online forms that you use to collect personal information
  • Prepare a training program that outlines privacy requirements

37. Nolo


Privacy Policy Tutorials & Guides: Nolo

Legal website Nolo has prepared this guide that explains what to include in your website’s privacy policy. The post talks about the typical types of information that are collected by companies and how best to disclose those practices. There are also additional tips about security, cookie usage, and the storage of user data in the United States.

Key Points:

  • Always permit users to correct, update, or change their personal information
  • Explain clearly how you collect and maintain personal information
  • If applicable, your policy should disclose that you use cookies

38. Termsfeed


Privacy Policy Tutorials & Guides: TermsFeed

This guide from TermsFeed explains exactly what a good privacy policy should look like. You can read about essential clauses to include, recommended business practices, and how to keep users informed of any changes to your policy. There are also helpful links to important regulations from various countries that could have an impact on your privacy management.

Key Points:

  • If you engage in remarking you must address it in your policy
  • Most privacy policies are placed as a link in the footer of the website
  • Use email, banner notifications, or clickwrap acceptance to inform users of changes

39. Themeisle


Privacy Policy Tutorials & Guides: Thermeisle

The website theme and plugin provider Themeisle has a WordPress privacy policy guide to help you get started with your website or blog. In addition to discussing why you should have a privacy policy, they also share three easy steps that you can use to create a policy in WordPress. You will also find an explanation for how best to link your full policy to other parts of your website.

Key Points:

  • Explain what features you use to collect data on your website
  • Use a plugin, widget, or link to connect your policy to the site footer
  • Create a new page for your privacy policy in WordPress

40. UC Berkeley


Privacy Policy Tutorials & Guides: UC Berkeley

This guide from the UC Berkeley Information Security Office shares some important tips for how to write an effective website privacy statement. Some of the basic recommendations are positing a clear privacy notification to all users and accurately reflecting your site’s data collection procedures. The guide then shares a series of seven questions that will help you create your specific policy.

Key Points:

  • Define all the means used to collect user information
  • You must decide how users will be notified of policy changes
  • Ensure that your data is protected and that SSL is activated

Privacy Policy Examples

41. AdEspresso


Privacy Policy Examples: AdEspresso

AdEspresso is an advertising platform for running effective campaigns on Facebook, and they present a clear privacy policy on their website. The policy has been in effect since 2013, and they explain that the terms could be updated in the future to match any changes to their services. The privacy policy then clearly outlines what information they collect, how online activities are tracked, and if they may share any information.

Key Features of AdEspresso’s Policy:

  • A clear list of personal information that customers may access at any time
  • Multiple references to their privacy-focused email address for any direct feedback or questions
  • A transparent description of how personal information is used with any third parties

42. Disney


Privacy Policy Examples: Disney

As a large media conglomerate, Disney has a privacy policy that must take into account a wide range of business activities. Rather than simply pasting a large policy on their website, they provide a nice structure with a series of links to individual topics. Highlights include a detailed children’s privacy policy, explanation of data security and retention, and information about how customer privacy controls.

Key Features of Disney’s Policy:

  • A dedicated privacy policy for children
  • Additional resources with information for parents and privacy controls
  • An explanation of California residents’ rights

43. Facebook


Privacy Policy Examples: Facebook

Facebook has seen its fair share of controversy in recent years over data collection practices. With millions of users sharing information about their personal lives on the platform each day, their privacy policy is particularly important. Customers can view the policy and find a long description of the types of information they collect and use. In addition, you can view additional details about notifications related to policy changes and how Facebook’s companies work together.

Key Features of Facebook’s Policy:

  • A very detailed description of data involved in customer interactions
  • Additional resources for EU and U.S. privacy and minor safety
  • Interactive privacy tools including a public profile preview for users

44. Google


Privacy Policy Examples: Google

Google is at the center of customer privacy as a leading provider of search, email, and social applications for users worldwide. They have taken an audience-focused approach to their privacy policy which includes numerous videos and simple graphics to help explain the concepts. By using clear language, they help make this information more accessible to a general and wide audience.

Key Features of Google’s Policy:

  • Additional privacy notices for specific Google services
  • A link to related privacy practices
  • Specific instructions for exporting and deleting information

45. The Guardian


Privacy Policy Examples: The Guardian

The British newspaper The Guardian has become a popular periodical both in print and online among a worldwide audience. Their commitment to well-written content shows in their privacy policy, which is formatted like an article. You can quickly browse to any of the 16 different sections to review matters such as international data, use of cookies, and online advertising practices.

Key Features of The Guardian’s Policy:

  • Easy-to-read formatting and numerous lists for explaining details
  • Additional privacy policies for other Guardian services
  • A changelog of policy updates at the bottom of the page

46. Outbrain


Privacy Policy Examples: Outbrain

Outbrain is a web advertising platform that is available for websites to display sponsored content. They do a great job of explaining the different roles among the visitors, users, and business partners who interact with their business. The Outbrain privacy policy is very easy to navigate, as it is presented as a structured tree that can be expanded for specific topics.

Key Features of Outbrain’s Policy:

  • A clear description of the opt-out options offered
  • Specific GDPR information for European territory citizens
  • A convenient link to download the entire policy as a PDF

47. RiverOak Investment Corp

Privacy Policy Examples: RiverOak Investment Corp

As a financial services provider, RiverOak Investment Corp must pay particular attention to client privacy. They offer their privacy policy as a PDF download on their website, and it clearly explains their approach in three pages. It’s a good example of clear and succinct messaging that is accessible to the average person but detailed enough to provide them with useful context for their activities.

Key Features of RiverOak’s Policy:

  • A clear list of client information that is typically collected
  • Specific information about data security practices
  • A well-formatted PDF download from the website

48. Slack


Privacy Policy Examples: Slack

Team collaboration platform Slack has recently updated its privacy policy as of January 2020. You can quickly browse the policy and navigate to other terms and agreements through the side pane. In the privacy policy, you will find details about age limitations, change management, and even the direct email address of their Data Protection Officer.

Key Features of Slack’s Policy:

  • Communication of data management and ownership practices
  • Clear contact information for their privacy team and Data Protection Officer
  • A detailed explanation of the data request policy for third parties

49. Twitter


Privacy Policy Examples: Twitter

Messaging platform Twitter does a nice job of organizing its privacy policy so that it’s easy to read. Each section is numbered and, as you scroll, an outline of contents is visible in the left sidebar. You can find all the standard sections including information sharing, data collection, and disclosures. They also include a summary of the most important points at the very top of the page.

Key Features of Twitter’s Policy:

  • Detailed information for managing personal information
  • Quick download button for saving a PDF of the policy
  • A link at the bottom of the policy for viewing past revisions

50. Uber


Privacy Policy Examples: Uber

The ride-sharing platform Uber has made its privacy policy accessible for customers in any country. The first selection you can make on the page is for region and language. You will also find a statement with the last modification date for the policy and a link for quick downloading. They have divided the policy into five sections including a detailed overview, data collection, and information transparency.

Key Features of Uber’s Policy:

  • A link to a detailed privacy overview created for users
  • Clear communication of policy updates
  • Easy selection of region and language for individual jurisdictions

Having a privacy policy that complies with privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA and third-party applications (like Google Analytics and Amazon Associates) is a must for any publisher. With our Privacy Policy Generator, you can create a customized privacy policy that’s completely tailored to the needs of your business — for free! Plus, it notifies you when there are updates that apply to your business and dynamically updates your policy to correspond to the changes you make in the platform, so your privacy policy is always up to date.

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