Wix vs. Squarespace: Comparing Two Top Website Builders

A website builder is an excellent alternative to building a website from scratch, especially if you don’t have web design skills.

Wix and Squarespace are two of the most popular website builders on the web. Both allow for extreme flexibility and customization in creating your website without making the process complicated. In short, you might turn to one if you’re web design-challenged or simply don’t want to take on the burden of configuring a site yourself.

Each platform comes with advantages and disadvantages that mostly depend on what you’re using it for. Wix and Squarespace have many similarities, such as:

  • Webpage building elements, like galleries, text blocks, product pages, and charts
  • Drag-and-drop designing
  • Site and page templates
  • Integrations with other apps, like Google Analytics, Instagram, and PayPal
  • A 14-day free trial to get to know their features before buying a subscription

However, there are some key differences between the two platforms that may influence your choice.

Comparing Wix vs. Squarespace

Although Wix and Squarespace are undeniably powerful and smart website builders, there’s probably one that’s better for your site than the other. The following are key differences that set Wix and Squarespace apart.

Ease of Use

Wix vs. Squarespace: Wix

Screenshot via Wix

Whether a tool is easy to use is subjective. But it’s virtually undeniable that both Wix and Squarespace are incredibly easy to use, especially compared to designing a site yourself. However, Wix may have a slight edge on Squarespace in the simplicity department.

Wix is an excellent choice for beginners who have no website building experience. It walks you through every step, from naming your site to picking a theme that matches your site’s purpose.

Although both platforms feature drag-and-drop editing, Wix literally allows you to drag text, images, and other elements wherever you want them to go. There’s no need to fuss with coding or design to achieve the look you want.

Winner: Wix, because of its guided setup and freeform drag-and-drop builder.

Theme Selection and Design

Theme Selection and Design: Squarespace

Screenshot via Squarespace

There are around 100+ templates to start with on Squarespace, while Wix offers more than 500. More isn’t always better, though. You’re likely to find a theme that works perfectly for your goals on Squarespace; Wix may leave you feeling like you have too many options to choose from.

Customizing your theme is something both platforms allow. On Wix, you can start with a blank canvas to create a theme from scratch or edit the premade themes with the drag-and-drop editor.

Squarespace’s editing is a bit more structured. You’re free to add elements where you want them to an extent, but they’ll have to fit the requirements for the theme. Squarespace does this to keep everything organized and working correctly.

Winner: Tie. Both platforms offer plenty of theme options. Wix provides total flexibility in its design editing. However, Squarespace might be better for those who like a little more structure and guidance with their customization.

Customization Tools

Wix App Market Customization Tools

Screenshot via Wix

Squarespace uses Blocks, and Wix uses Elements for drag-and-drop theme customization. The differently named features work similarly, though, allowing you to move products, buttons, videos, and other content around your site with ease.

Squarespace’s Blocks are extraordinarily purposeful and easy to set up. Most of Wix’s Elements are, too, but there are a lot more to choose from – most of which you’ll probably never use. Still, they’re there if you need them.

Wix also has a massive database of apps in the Wix App Market, where you’ll find everything from form builders to cookie alerts for visitors, just in case its built-in functionality isn’t enough for you. The downside is that many of them require the Premium service to use.

Winner: Wix. Its wide range of built-in Elements and additional apps make it possible for anyone to customize their site to their needs with precision.


Wix vs. Squarespace: Squarespace Blog Templates

Screenshot via Squarespace

Both platforms also excel in providing rich, seamless blogging experiences to your website. Squarespace has tons of built-in blogging tools, like roles for team members and contributors, premade templates, and post scheduling. It’s about as close as you can get to WordPress for blogging.

Wix also has its fair share of perks for bloggers, like RSS feeds, templates, and email campaign creation. However, it lacks necessary features like categories and a search function. You’ll need to download and install the Wix Blog app through your dashboard to take advantage of everything Wix has to offer your blog.

Winner: Squarespace, because of its built-in blogging tools without the need to add anything extra to your site.


Wix offers a 100% free website for users who don’t want to pay monthly or annually, while Squarespace offers only a free trial. Its lowest-priced plan is $16 per month or $144 annually and gives you all the basics, like a custom domain and mobile optimization.

It’s excellent that Wix has a free option, but you’ll probably need to pay anyway to get what you need from a site. Only Premium members can have a custom domain, ample storage and bandwidth, and a site free from Wix ads. The most affordable Wix Premium plan is $17 per month or $156 annually, giving you a domain, no ads, and modest storage and bandwidth.

Winner: Squarespace. Its plans are generally priced lower and offer more than Wix plans. Even e-commerce site owners can pay just $46 monthly, while a similar plan on Wix with less storage space runs $56 monthly.

Wix and Squarespace are two worthy website builders to choose between, and there’s no clear winner. Your best pick will depend mostly on your design ability and customization needs. Squarespace is perfect for website owners who want structure while they design while Wix offers more of a freeform design experience if you want one.

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