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Customize alignment, shape and size of buttons. Control top and bottom margins with pixel perfect placement

Enable or disable buttons on specific posts and pages regardless of your default settings

Use the shortcode to add share buttons exactly where you want

  1. Download the plugin
    Search for “ShareThis Share Buttons” in the WordPress directory
  2. Choose your type of buttons
    Select relevant website tool(s) to grow your website traffic
  3. Customize the design
    Select social networks and tailor the buttons to match your brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about our products and services? Look no further!

Installation instructions

Install ShareThis Share Buttons just like any other plugin. Simply download the file directly from this page or search for us in the WordPress directory and click “Install”. After you install and activate the plugin, simply configure your buttons and create an account.

Not sure how to install a WordPress plugin? Get step-by-step instructions here.

If you’re already using the new ShareThis buttons, and want to migrate to our WordPress plugin, we’ve got your back. Install the plugin, then from the first configuration screen click, connect to an existing property. Login, and select your property from the list. We’ll sync your settings from our platform. Don’t forget to remove the hard coded JS, and any hard coded inline share button divs!

I reconfigured my buttons on the ShareThis Platform but nothing happened on my site. What’s going on here?

We cache your ShareThis platform button configurations (social networks, button size, labels etc.) to optimize their performance. Sometimes changes you make on the ShareThis platform take a couple minutes to update on your site. Also, if you activate a new button type from the settings page you may experience a similar lag.

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