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Create powerful website popups to generate leads and boost sales with easy-to-use templates.

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Get started with easy-to-use templates including spin to win, email sign up, free shipping, and more!

Flexible Positioning

Catch visitors at the right time with a centered, banner, full screen, or corner popup layout.

Collect Emails

Get more subscribers with an email collection field and sync them to Google Sheets or Mailchimp.


Add coupon codes to your popup that your customer can copy on click.

Display Triggers

Set controls to trigger pop ups when visitors show exit intent, scroll, click, and more.


Set up email notifications for new popup submissions and autoresponders.

  1. Customize your popup
    Select a template, edit the content, and tailor the design to match your brand
  2. Add the code to your site
    Insert your unique ShareThis code to the header section of your website
  3. Copy and paste the placement code
    Add placement code wherever you want the tool to appear



Automatically import new contacts to your email lists.

Google Sheets

Automatically sync new form responses in real time.


Connect to thousands of apps to set up powerful automations that save you time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about our products and services? Look no further!

How do I get started with POWR Popup?

Create Email Capture Popups

Capture more leads and grow your email list by using the Email Capture template. You can easily adjust your layout, colors, text and button. You can also create your own email autoresponder that will get sent to new sign ups. Find this under Controls > Autoresponder Email.

Keep Visitors on Your Site

A great way of keeping visitors on your site is by giving them a special offer just as they start to leave. This is typically called an exit intent popup. To create your exit intent popup, first select your preferred template in the Template tab, then in the Controls tab, go to Popup Display Options and select As Visitors Start to Leave.

Create a Spin to Win Promotion

Spin to Win is an excellent way to give your visitors a chance to win discounts on products in your online store! They enter their email address, spin the wheel and are in with the chance of winning a discount. It will help you get more sales, all while collecting new contact information from customers so you can grow your mailing list. 

Read more about setting up your Spin to Win promotion here.

Get more followers, boost conversions, or post a survey

You can embed any POWR plugin inside your Popup to customize your messaging and call-to-actions even more. Some popular use cases are:

  • Use Social Media Icons to grow your social following.
  • Embed a Countdown Timer to announce the beginning or end of a special promo sale.
  • Add a Form Builder to create a feedback survey to display when a customer is leaving your site.

Click Add Element and select one of the recommended plugins, or click More POWR Plugins to see additional options. 

Note: You will need to separately edit your embedded plugin by clicking the Edit button above the inserted plugin. 

How can I add a coupon code to a POWR popup?

You can add a Coupon element to your popup in your POWR Editor > Content > Add Element. However, the coupon will be added to the popup itself, not its autoresponder email.

Does POWR Popup work on all websites?

Unfortunately, no. Unlike other POWR plugins, there are certain platforms and site-builders that will not support POWR Popup. These include Facebook, GoDaddy, Google Sites, iBuildApp, Moonfruit, Webs.com, and any site where elements are added via iFrame.

How to set the email as a required element?

You will need to disable the “Close button” or toggle off the “Close when a visitor clicks away from your popup” in order to customers to fill in the email address for sure:

Adding background images to POWR Popup

To customize popup with your own images, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Popup settings
  2. Select a template 
  3. Click on the “Content” tab 
  4. Open the “Layout” section
  5. Scroll down a little bit and you will see the place where background images can be added
  6. Press on “Replace the image” button
  7. Re-publish the app to save the changes

Kindly refer to the images below.

Receiving email notifications when a visitor leaves their email on the popup

To receive an email notification:

1. Open the POWR Editor for your popup.
2. Go to Content > Email Input.

3. Add your email in the Send Submission Notifications to: field.

4. Click Done > Publish to save your changes.

How do I control when my popup displays?

POWR Popup is set by default to open one second after someone lands on a page. If you use an upgraded version of POWR Popup you have more options of when to trigger the popup. You can set this in the Controls menu > Popup Display options. The options are:

  • Immediately – your popup appears as soon as your site loads.
  • As visitors start to leave – a popup will appear when the visitor moves to leave the page (mouse is focused on the address bar).
    • *Please be advised, that this function is not working on mobile because the mobile view doesn’t have a cursor itself which should trigger a pop-up to appear. 
  • After a delay – popup will appear after a specified time delay. Use the slider to set your delay.
  • After scrolling – Appears after a visitor scrolls a percentage of the page.
  • Custom trigger – popup will appear when a visitor clicks something on your page. To set this up, you must add the plugin to the page, then wrap a piece of text, button, or image in a special CSS class, like this…

<span class=”trigger-popup”>your text, button, or image here</span>

How do I create automations using Zapier?

Zapier lets you connect POWR Popup to 2,000+ other web services. Automated connections called Zaps, set up in minutes with no coding, can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Each Zap has one app as the **Trigger**, where your information comes from and which causes one or more **Actions** in other apps, where your data gets sent automatically.

With the Popup Pro plan, you can connect to other web services using Zapier. Some cool things you can do by creating “Zaps” with Popup:

  • Send new contact information to a Google Sheet
  • Create new customers in your Shopify store for each new submission
  • Add new subscribers to Mailchimp / AWeber / Constant Contact / Klaviyo / HubSpot / Salesforce (and more) lists

Here’s a full list of our available Zapier integrations with Popup: 

AWeber, Constant Contact, Freshsales, Google Sheets, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Shopify, Slack, Klaviyo, Mailerlite, Zapier SMS, GoToMeeting, Clickfunnels, ClickUp, Dubsado, Thinkific.

1. Get Started: Create a Popup

  1. Create a Popup in the ShareThis platform.

2a. Use one of our existing Zaps

  • Create Google Sheets spreadsheet rows from new POWR Popup submissions Use this Zap
  • Create Mailchimp subscribers from new email addresses captured with POWR Popup Use this Zap
  • Add new emails addresses collected with POWR Popup to Constant Contact Use this Zap
  • Add new email addresses collected with POWR Popup to AWeber Use this Zap
  • Create Shopify customers from new POWR Popup submissions Use this Zap

2b. Or, create a custom Zap

Trigger Step:

  1. Sign up for a free Zapier account, from there you can jump right in.
  2. Click the “MAKE A ZAP” button. Creating a Zap requires no coding knowledge and you’ll be walked step-by-step through the setup.

3. Search for POWR Popup as your Trigger App and select New Response as your POWR Popup Trigger:

  1. Connect your POWR account.
  1. Find the Popup you’d like to connect to Zapier from the dropdown list. We recommend giving it a friendly name so you can find it easily.
  1. Submit a response through the popup you connected. Make sure the test is successful:

Action Step:

  1. In Choose an Action App, search for the service you want to send your popup response to. 
  1. Select one of the available actions for the selected Action App.
  2. Connect your account. 
  3. Choose the popup fields you want to forward to your Action App, and link them to the right place in your Action App. It’s crucial that you select all popup fields for which new answers should be forwarded to the Action App. Fields that aren’t merged will not show up in your Action App. 
  4. Test your automation. 
  5. Activate your Zap!

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