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1) Store and/or access information on a device (Do you collect information on users on your site through cookies or site identifiers?)
2) Select basic ads (Do you serve ads on your site?)
3) Create a personalised ads profile (Do you create personalised advertising profiles associated with users on your site (ie: profiles based on demographic information, location, user’s activity)?)
4) Select personalised ads (Do you show ads to users based on this user profile)
5) Create a personalised content profile (Do you build a personalized content profile associated with users on your site based on the type of content they have viewed?)
6) Select personalised content (Do you serve content to the user on your site based on your recorded content interests)
7) Measure ad performance (Do you measure the performance of advertisements on your site)
8) Measure content performance (Do you measure the performance of content served to your site visitors?)
9) Apply market research to generate audience insights (Do you aggregate reporting on the ads or content show to your site visitors to advertisers)
10) Develop and improve products (Do you use data collected on your site visitors to improve your systems or software or create new products?)

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