Meteor Meetup at ShareThis

Meteor Meetup at ShareThis

By June 1, 2017Engineering

by Ishika Paul, Principal Engineer

At ShareThis we love Meteor. We also love being able to attend Meteor meetups in the Silicon Valley. I had the opportunity to showcase the analytics product the Insights team at Sharethis has been working on for the South Bay meetup group:  

In the beginning of the quarter, the team was tasked with building an insights web application that interfaces and generates reports from the company’s data warehouse. We chose to use Google BigQuery as our data warehouse.

The objective of the team is to change the pre-existing insights web apps to run reports against the new active warehouse. This product will help free up four massive hadoop clusters which the older insights products were reliant on. My talk to the meetup group focused on how we accomplished this task in a two short months and provide a new foundation for all future analytics products

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