ShareThis Delivers on the Promise of Cookieless Data Solutions

As Google moves forward with plans to discontinue support for third-party cookies by the end of 2024 (pending approval from the UK Competition and Markets Authority), there is no doubt that this will be a transformative year for all constituents of the advertising ecosystem, challenging their readiness to maintain a transparent and cookie-proof connection with the end consumer. 

With the cookieless world upon us, ShareThis is well positioned. Importantly, our data collection methodology, while reliant on consumer consent, is not reliant on third-party cookies.  Additionally, ShareThis has taken proactive measures to resolve user identity where third-party cookies are no longer the main currency. 

Data Collection and Solutions That Aren’t Reliant on Third-Party Cookies

ShareThis collects online behavioral data across millions of websites through privacy compliant processes, offering requisite consumer choice and notice according to all current regional laws. ShareThis data is then transformed through the power of advanced AI and large language models into actionable insights and targeting opportunities.

Two areas of focus when thinking about cookie deprecation include data collection and identity resolution.  As mentioned, Google’s deprecation of cookies does not negatively impact ShareThis’ data collection.  In fact, leveraging our identity framework, we will maintain or exceed scale in a cookieless world. 

Our proprietary identity solution, Atlas, leverages non-cookie identifiers plus our partner integrations to resolve user identity and share data linked to non-cookie IDs. The various non-cookie IDs associated within the Atlas graph enable data collection on all major browsers, and therefore maintain or exceed scale from third-party cookies. 

ShareThis has made proactive investments and innovations to make ALL of our solutions ready for the cookieless ecosystem.

Harnessing the Power of AI for a Cookieless World

ShareThis provides unique AI-enhanced data solutions to help advertisers connect with their audiences with precision and scale while respecting privacy. By harnessing the power of advanced large language models and data science, ShareThis is uniquely positioned to unlock existing and/or new high value connections between the advertiser and their consumers in a cookieless setting. 

Dana Hayes, Jr., CEO of ShareThis, had challenged his product and engineering teams to develop cookieless solutions that would not sacrifice the scale or data quality that advertisers and partners have come to rely on. Said Dana: “Long before Google decided to finish what they started with their privacy sandbox initiative, we developed an identity framework, we call Atlas, specifically designed to sustain the delivery of pertinent and relevant advertising. ShareThis is without hesitation a strategic ally to help you transition into cookieless advertising, as today, we do not even need third-party cookies to connect with consumers.” 

ShareThis is confident that the identity frameworks that we have developed, combined with longstanding ecosystem partnerships, will mean that the deprecation of the third-party cookie will not have negative impacts for ShareThis data users. In fact, opportunities for increased scale exist as part of these new identity frameworks, namely through the newfound ability to monetize site traffic on Safari and Firefox browsers.

For more information on how ShareThis cookieless solutions can work for you, reach out to your ShareThis account representative or hier klicken.

Über ShareThis

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