ShareThis B2B Data: Taking B2B Marketing to New Heights

The proliferation of data in today’s world has provided both benefits and challenges. Benefits are summed up by the tremendous opportunities afforded through leveraging insights and information to make data-driven decisions. Challenges, however, arise in that the available data is so massive, just getting it into a usable format may seem like an insurmountable task.  

As you can imagine, challenges in the B2B landscape are not dissimilar to those of the consumer market. Behind every B2B transaction, or interaction, lies a hidden treasure trove of valuable insights waiting to be unearthed. Every contact, interaction, and transaction represents an opportunity to collect valuable insights that can fuel growth, enhance decision-making, and foster long-term business success. Today’s business landscape is fast-paced, interconnected, and when leveraged effectively, game-changing.  

ShareThis can help you to win. ShareThis B2B Data is a newly innovated product providing unmatched information and insights about businesses. ShareThis uses advanced data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to leverage consumers’ digital signals based on interest and intent as demonstrated with web page visits, online searches, and shares.  

ShareThis collects billions of online events hourly, mapping these events compliantly to consumers and segments. In the B2B realm, these events and consumer behaviors are considered in combination with traditional B2B data assets, identifying consumers as employees, and often decision-makers, of companies.

Traditional B2B (business-to-business) data assets include, but are not limited to:

  • Firmographics — descriptors of the company including name, industry, number of employees, revenue, etc. 
  • Contact information — names, titles, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Technographics — technology and software used by businesses including tools, systems, and platforms

ShareThis combines traditional B2B data with rich and robust digital interest and intent data, resulting in a unique data asset that encompasses the features of B2B coupled with digital consumer behaviors. The result is transformative.

ShareThis Differentiators

Intent data allows for the ability to map a digital footprint to a business, based on signals generated during digital interactions. These signals detail topics businesses are interested in, enabling relevant and personalized marketing. Additionally, due to the dynamic nature of ShareThis data, our B2B Data enables the ability to reach in-market decision-makers, in real-time. Furthermore, we can segment our data, creating custom audiences that narrow in on businesses of certain sizes, revenue, or industries, as well as employees at those businesses with specific job roles or titles.   

ShareThis offers more than fifty pre-defined B2B segments that can be used immediately for activation of campaigns, as inputs into existing models, or to append to first party data as descriptors.  

Additionally, ShareThis can build custom segments to meet our clients unique needs. Or, the data can be used in a disaggregated format, as Predictors, to forecast a B2B outcome. 

ShareThis B2B data can be delivered with regular cadence, monthly, daily, or even hourly. 

These data assets can be used in a plethora of use cases including audience activation, lead generation and qualification, sales enablement, predictive analytics, and forecasting, to name just a few.  

ShareThis B2B data and the solutions they power are core to our mission — to harness the power of the internet by bringing global digital data alive, in real-time. Imagine the possibilities.

Über ShareThis

ShareThis erschließt seit 2007 die Macht des globalen digitalen Verhaltens durch die Synthese von Social Share-, Interessen- und Absichtsdaten. Auf der Grundlage des Verbraucherverhaltens auf mehr als drei Millionen globalen Domains beobachtet ShareThis Echtzeit-Aktionen von echten Menschen auf echten digitalen Zielen.

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