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Our Audience DNA

Monthly Events
Targetable Cookies

ShareThis Audiences leverage proprietary interest and intent signals collected across our global network of publishers.

Our data scientists analyze 1.8B targetable cookies per month, painting a real-time view of your target customers and enabling you to zero in on the people most likely to engage with your campaigns.

Find Your Perfect Audience


Our large variety of Vertical Audiences range from people interested in air travel to those interested in BMX bikes or farmers’ markets


A wide range of Seasonal Audiences, ranging from World Cup to Back-to-School, with regularly released new Seasonal Audiences for you to choose from

Life Events

From new babies to new jobs, our Life Event Audiences allow you to connect with audiences at key milestone moments


Modeled off of demographic factors to provide you with precise and focused audiences that match your ideal consumer profile


Looking for something more specific? Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll build your audience on demand


Designed based on your ideal consumer and built to target audiences with the highest conversion, retention and spend rates, while delivering scale and accuracy

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Trust Our Data


Proprietary data with full visibility into collection methodology and audience creation
Fresh and relevant data feed that reflects up-to-date consumer interest and intent in the moments that matter
Privacy Compliant

Guaranteed privacy compliance through legal, ethical, and self-regulatory processes within our publisher network

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