Introducing ShareThis Data for Good

At ShareThis, we believe that businesses like ours are in a position of power to address systemic racism, unconscious bias, and its damaging effects. We started within our organization by investing in a robust diversity, equality, and inclusion program and we’ve initiated a practice of ongoing self-examination to eliminate biases and create a more diverse workplace.

We also actively explored how we could use our most valuable asset – our data – to advance the causes and initiatives that are driving real change in our society.

To that end, we are excited to announce the ShareThis Data for Good initiative. ShareThis Data for Good is launching with a new Social Justice audience segment, ideal for brands that want to align with audiences who actively support racial equality and the breakdown of systemic racism.

And as companies focus their own resources on social justice initiatives or contributing to organizations who support those causes, this segment will provide a key targeting opportunity to help drive those efforts. 

Together with our partners, ShareThis will donate 20% of all revenue generated from the use of this segment to nonprofits devoted to education and the dismantling of systemic racism practices. 

The ShareThis audience segment is available under our taxonomy ‘ShareThis > Changing Consumer > Social Justice & Empowerment’. Please reach out to with questions or for more information.

We look forward to working together with all of you—our teams, clients, and partners—to help make real change.

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