ShareThis in Top 1% of Neutronian’s Data Privacy Rankings for Third Consecutive Quarter

According to Neutronian’s quarterly released Scores de confidentialité des données, ShareThis consistently ranks as one of the leading data companies for privacy compliance, data quality, and transparency. ShareThis maintained a top 1% position for three consecutive quarters, out of a list of over 1,500 evaluated data providers, and received an overall index score that surpassed numerous industry data veterans.

Neutronian’s Data Privacy Scores Report provides a benchmark that enables organizations to vet their partners more effectively and identify the most trustworthy data sources. ShareThis is proud to be a reputable and respected data source for all businesses. We remain committed to fulfilling all regulatory requirements and adhering to the highest standards of privacy, globally.

ShareThis Maintains Industry Leading Privacy Practices

ShareThis has implemented a comprehensive list of privacy safeguards and industry best practices to meet la qualité des données standards. Our approach includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations across all global jurisdictions (GDPR, CPRA, new state and regional laws, etc.), such as only collecting data on sites with sufficient user consent protocols in place.

  • Adopting industry best practices for transparency and consumer choice, such as maintaining an extensive privacy policy that discloses the data we collect, what we do with that data, and details about our data products.

  • Taking active steps to promote compliance and best practices through self-regulatory initiatives, such as regularly cleansing data and ceasing collection of all sensitive information.

We monitor and adjust our practices, and continue to implement new content management technologies, to achieve full compliance as regulations and requirements evolve.

Data Privacy Scores Facilitate Trust and Transparency

Neutronian’s Data Privacy Scores Report enables companies across the marketing ecosystem to make smart and confident decisions about their data sources. The scores represent an established standard for:

  • Transparency and Validation — providing clear guidance on data privacy risk when deciding which data and media partners to partner with.

  • Monitoring and Benchmarking — helping companies monitor data privacy risk by benchmarking themselves, partners, and competitors against the industry average.

  • Campaign Verification and Optimization — ensuring campaigns are delivered in trusted and privacy-safe environments.

If you would like to explore more details about Neutronian’s data scoring methodology, click Ici.

ShareThis Is Driving a Privacy-Centered Digital Future

We are committed to stewardship and respect for global consumers who share their data — it’s in our DNA. As a Neutronian verified partner, ShareThis regularly undergoes thorough, in-depth audits of our data sources, processes, methodologies, and compliance measures, to meet Neutronian’s rigorous certification standards. These independent measures demonstrate our relentless dedication to best-in-class quality and compliance, to best serve our partners and customers.

A privacy-centered digital future requires that all companies across the ecosystem — including brands, agencies, data providers, consultancies, and technology platforms — play an active role in cultivating trust, transparency, and quality expectations, in a way that puts consumers first. ShareThis has, and will continue, to set the example for a privacy-first ecosystem.

À propos de ShareThis

Depuis 2007,ShareThis libère la puissance du comportement numérique mondial en synthétisant les données relatives aux partages sociaux, aux intérêts et aux intentions. Grâce au comportement des consommateurs sur plus de trois millions de domaines mondiaux, ShareThis observe les actions en temps réel de personnes réelles sur des destinations numériques réelles.

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