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Sources of Growth

Tap into analytics to discover breakthrough business ideas and gain a competitive edge

Extract Valuable Insights,
Push Your Business Forward

Inform key initiatives from product development
to supply chain analytics

Track Trends & Patterns

Understand real-time customer behavior and monitor changes in online engagement for your brand and the competition

Enhance Customer Profiles

Supplement your own 1st party data with deeper knowledge of customer interests and behaviors while leveraging the latest in clean-room analytics

Optimize Supply & Demand

Use statistic modeling and data mining techniques to determine product demand, build forecast models, or optimize inventory levels

Drive Product R&D

Inform product positioning and development
to align with consumers’ preferences, expanding and enabling new revenue streams

Unlock Outcome-Based Insights
with ShareThis Data Feed

Completely customizable to your business needs and parameters

Real Interest Data Direct
from the Source

Get Depth and Range with

Data from Across the Web


Global Websites

Drive Results with Insights

Based on Real Interest Data


Global Users

Unparalleled Scale for

Unparalleled Performance


Monthly Events

Privacy Compliant

ShareThis is committed to providing stewardship and respect for global consumers who share their data through legal, ethical and self-regulatory processes.

Build a successful future without third-party cookies

ShareThis Atlas Global ID will ensure the continuity of high quality data services

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Inform your media and marketing strategy, understand your audiences, and see trending consumer behavior