ShareThis Announces its Atlas Global ID Solution for the Open Web

Industry disruption always creates uncertainty and prompts major shifts in strategy and innovation, but active players that are keyed into the effort and bring forth new solutions often come out stronger than ever. In the digital advertising industry, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach that satisfies all partner and client needs. However, as Google’s phase-out of third-party cookies draws near, the ShareThis Atlas Global ID solution serves as a powerful connector for a potentially fragmented ecosystem. Our goal? To continue delivering insights and privacy-protected data products for programmatic advertising, marketer analytics, and brand strategy — in a way that’s both scalable and accurate.

Atlas is already in testing mode and will evolve to integrate with new solutions as they are released. We are working collaboratively with key partners such Tapad, Lotame, ID5, and Eyeota, to ensure not only stability, but also long term growth. Access the full article here to dive a bit deeper into how our solution will help power a better digital future.

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about how adtech is collectively stepping up to confront challenges arising from the deprecation of third-party cookies, Michael Gorman (SVP of Product, Business Development, and Marketing at ShareThis) shares his POV in a new Advertising Week 360 thought piece.

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