Social A/B

A/B test your Facebook posts like a pro, for free

The world’s top publishers leverage Facebook to their advantage by testing and optimizing their posts. Now you can A/B test your Facebook posts like a pro, too.

Have 50,000 Facebook fans? Maximize your engagement and reach today, for free.

How Social A/B benefits publishers:


Discover which combination of headlines, images and intro copy drive the most engagement on your Facebook posts today.


Find the best angles for your stories by trying different headlines and following up with new content based off of winning variations.


Longer or shorter headlines? High-gloss stock photos or raw action shots? Learn what your audience responds to best over time.


Manage your A/B tests from start to finish in one place

Test headlines, images, intro copy

Test against your own audience or a lookalike audience

Schedule your tests to run any time

Automatically post the winner to your Facebook audience

Discover what content resonates best over time

Export all your data for offline analysis

Invite your team for seamless collaboration

Direct Facebook integration

Social A/B connects directly to your Facebook page and Facebook Ads Manager, enabling you to orchestrate all of your tests from our platform. If you opt to run promoted tests, your payments go directly to Facebook.

Post and schedule

Once your test concludes you have the option of automatically posting your winning variation to your entire Facebook audience. Alternatively, you can schedule a winning variation to post at specific time and date.

Two ways to test your headlines, images and intro copy:

Organic Test

  • Requires 50,000 or more Facebook fans
  • Test against your own audience
  • Two variations per test
  • Free

Promoted Test

  • Requires 1,000 Facebook fans
  • Test against a lookalike audience
  • Unlimited variations per test
  • Max $5 per variation, paid to Facebook

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